My Hero Academia Unleashes Shoto’s Ultimate Move

My Hero Academia has fully unleashed Shoto Todoroki’s new ultimate move with the newest chapter of the series! The final battle between the heroes and villains is truly heating up as the series has shifted its focus to the final battle between Shoto and Dabi. With the Todoroki family needing to air out all of the trauma they have been carrying throughout their entire lives, this final fight between the two has been burning hotter than ever as each of them have been coming to grips with their shared family history. But Shoto has been trying to put all of this to bed.

Previous chapters have seen how Shoto has put the responsibility of taking down Dabi all on his own shoulders as his father works with the other pro heroes against All For One on a different battlefield, and as his fight with Dabi begun, Shoto had revealed he learned his own take on the Flashfire Fist. Taking his ice abilities and blending them with his flames in a new way, the newest chapter of the series saw him turn this into his own ultimate move to use against Dabi. Called the “Great Glacial Aegir,” you can check it out below:

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Shoto’s new ultimate move ???

— Nick Valdez (@Valdezology) May 15, 2022

Chapter 352 of My Hero Academia goes back in time a bit to explain that Shoto’s take on the Flashfire Fist indeed blends his fire and ice abilities to balance his final flame in a way that makes them work in perfect harmony. It’s still a flame, but it’s cool effort to quash Dabi’s own heat. Shoto confirms that this his own ability that he’s been able to develop as a result, and he can withstand at least some of Dabi’s heat. Dabi’s flames are too out of control at this point, however, so they still manage to burn Todoroki despite his icy Flashfire Fist being active.

But after building up both of his abilities within his body, Shoto unleashes the Great Glacial Aegir that not only burns the ground beneath his feet but hits Dabi with such a fierce icy punch that a huge wave of cold flames erupt and freeze all of the nearby buildings around him. It’s clear that it’s a powerful move that only Shoto could have pulled off thanks to how much he’s learned over the course of the series so far, and might be enough to take down Dabi for good.


What do you think? How do you feel about Shoto’s ultimate move? Do you think it was going to be enough to completely defeat Dabi? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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