My Hero Academia Theory Promises Toga Is About to Become a Trojan Horse

My Hero Academia’s anime is taking a short hiatus as it prepares for the sixth season of the series to arrive later this fall, adapting the high-action battle of the War Arc, but the manga from creator Kohei Horikoshi continues to march forward as the fallout from this storyline continues. With the heroes preparing for a final battle against the forces of All For One and Shigaraki, some fans of UA Academy have come up with a theory involving the blood-drinking villain known as Toga, and how she might be a Trojan Horse for the League of Villains.

One of the most terrifying aspects of Toga, which was revealed recently in the fifth season of the anime adaptation, has been the development of her Quirk in that she now has the ability to use the Quirks of whomever she transforms into. Using the blood of Ochacho, aka Uravity, to kill a number of members of the Meta Liberation Army, the latest chapters of the Shonen’s manga series have shown us that Dabi has a vial of Twice’s blood, with Toga apparently set to gain the abilities of a man that could create infinite doppelgangers at his leisure. With Toga looking to avenge the death of Twice at the hands of Hawks, the final war has become that much more deadly.

Twitter Users have come up with a theory that My Hero Academia’s Toga will act as a Trojan Horse for the Paranormal Liberation Front, having the ability to not just disguise herself with the appearance of her victims, but also now having the ability to create an army of duplicates thanks to Twice’s Quirk:

so. the trojan horse was seen as a victory prize, and willingly brought into troy. but the trojan horse contained a small army

toga, in the form of one symbolic of victory (all might) is willingly allowed into troy. twice’s blood means she can become an army

— mha 327 hater (@yorsknife) February 6, 2022

#mha342 #MHASpoilers
OH MY GOD!!!!! Troy was a city “30kms” from another city in Turkey.
THE TROY IN MHA IS “30km” from UA!!!

— Sam /Sammy ?? | ??GREENADE URANIUM ?? (@Kacchansbabee) February 3, 2022

Creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi, has stated that there is around one more year of stories left in the future of My Hero Academia’s manga, though the mangaka has been tight-lipped as to whether or not the heroes of UA Academy will return for a sequel series or spin-off in the future. As the heroes and villains prepare for the final war, it seems that Toga is set to play a major role and will most likely be staring down Uravity as her final opponent considering the two have some serious beef to work out, especially when it comes to the mutual crushes they have when it comes to Midoriya.


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