My Hero Academia Shares Hilarious April Fool’s Art

April Fool’s Day has been a great time of year for the world of entertainment to pull a fast one on fans and it seems as though My Hero Academia has released new art for a non-existent series that sees the students of Class 1-A putting down their crime-fighting gear and picking up baseball bats and gloves. Releasing a poster titled “Hero League Baseball”, it seems that Studio Bones is looking to get into the spirit of the season by creating a fake poster that imagines a new kind of sports team being introduced to the world.

Unfortunately for Deku and his friends, they haven’t had much time to work on their sporting skills, with the world of hero society struggling with a number of villainous attacks over the course of the series. Rather than being able to train on the baseball field, the students of Class 1-A are training their Quirks, learning to better master their powers in order to hold together civilization as they know it. While the final arc is currently taking place in the pages of its manga, perhaps we’ll be able to get one scene of the classmates getting some much-deserved rest and relaxation following the fight against All For One and his villainous forces.

My Hero Academia shared the hilarious new poster to celebrate April Fool’s Day, imagining a new anime series that sees the likes of Red Riot, Fat Gum, Mt. Lady, Gang Orca, and “Ball Might” forming a new baseball team that would certainly put their respective superpowers to good use in a sporting environment:

my-hero-academia-baseball.jpg(Photo: Studio Bones)

Things are only going to go from bad to worse for the heroes of Class 1-A when the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia returns for its sixth season this fall. Adapting the story of the War Arc, the young heroes of UA Academy will be teaming up with the professional crime fighters of Japan to take on the newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front, the villainous enclave that was a result of the League of Villains and Meta Liberation Army joining forces.


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