My Hero Academia Reveals All For One’s Surprising History With Dabi

My Hero Academia has revealed more of a look back on a missing element of Dabi’s origin story, and the newest chapter of the series has shared All For One’s surprising history with Dabi! The fiery villain has been one of the more intriguing villains ever since he joining Tomura Shigaraki’s side, and he didn’t explain what he was actually out for until late in the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Even with the reveal about his true identity clearing up some things, but there were still many questions fans had about how Dabi became the villain he is today.

With the final war between the heroes and villains now in high gear, Dabi teased his brother Shoto Todoroki with the fact that he would finally explain how he not only survived the fire that seemingly had killed him, but in turn became the self-destructive villain he is now. As it’s shockingly revealed, it was All For One who had saved the young Toya Todoroki from the brink of death after being caught in his own flames. As one would expect from the dastardly plots from the villain, Dabi was one of many young kids All For One had taken in with the potential to become his host someday.

my-hero-academia-dabi-all-for-one-history-origin.jpg(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 350 of My Hero Academia goes back 11 years to when Toya was caught within his uncontrollable fire, and his body was left basically destroyed and near death. All For One scooped him up and Dr. Ujiko had put his body back together with regenerative tissue. His organs had been damaged, and he lost the ability to feel pain, but All For One and the doctor had attempted to put him back together in a way that they could harness his power and train him to become a new vessel. But as Toya already had terrible experiences with his father, he refused such an upbringing.

As it turns out, the young Toya was so ferocious and so full of hatred that even All For One could not warp his anger for his own ends. Dabi instead was allowed to run wild as a result, and All For One let him go because the young Todoroki wasn’t supposed to live for much longer after he had awakened after his reconstruction. But now all these years later, Dabi remains one of the more terrifying villains because he would not succumb to All For One’s tricks, and really only had his sights set on getting revenge on the Todoroki Family.


But what do you think? How do you feel about Dabi’s connection to All For One? Surprised to see he’s only alive because of the major villain? What do you think it means for Dabi himself? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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