My Hero Academia Overhauls an Old Scene Following Its Traitor Reveal

My Hero Academia knows how to present a plot twist, and it proved that much this past week. If you are caught up with the manga, you will know the traitor at U.A. High School has been outed, and fans are freaking out. The massive revelation has shaken Class 1-A to its core, and fans are now reassessing a throwback scene in the wake of this update.

In order to examine the scene, you need to go back quite a few years. The moment came through during the Summer Training Camp arc that ended with Bakugo being kidnapped. The camp ended up being infiltrated by villains thanks to a tip from the traitor. And as such, everyone is eyeing Aoyama in a new way.

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now THIS scene is hitting different. i KNOW dabi saw him

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After all, the student has been revealed as the traitor, and My Hero Academia fans are rightfully freaking out. The update shared how Aoyama got involved with All For One, and we have his parents to thank. The boy was given power by the villain after being born quirkless, but it came at a price. All For One commanded Aoyama to spy on U.A. High School lest his parents get killed, so our hero had little choice but to comply.

Now, if you dig through the former My Hero Academia arc, Aoyama had a close run-in with the villains at his training camp. Dabi nearly discovered the boy hiding behind the bush with others in tow. Aoyama was unable to face the villain head-on which was smart at the time. But if the boy had tipped off the group, well – would he have been in trouble?

To be honest, Aoyama probably reacted as he should. As an unwilling spy, the hero had every right to fear the villains, and he knew firsthand how scary All For One could be. His lackeys would be no different, and Dabi most likely had no idea about Aoyama being an informant. All For One keeps his sources close to his chest, so Dabi would have blasted Aoyama to ash if given the chance. And all the while, Aoyama had to carry on pretending like he hadn’t led Shigaraki’s gang right to his friends.


What do you think about this quick scene in retrospect? Do you think My Hero Academia will find a way to redeem Aoyama? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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