My Hero Academia Is Setting Up Its Own Trojan War

My Hero Academia is no stranger to hidden references. Creator Kohei Horikoshi has loaded the superhero series with everything from Marvel nods to Star Wars easter eggs. In the past, the artist has even tossed some history allusions for fans to find, and it seems he has done so again. After all, My Hero Academia is ready to set up a Trojan War that will change the series for good.

Now, fans know war has been brewing for some time in the series. Heroes have been fighting against villains for decades, but the return of All For One has made things even worse. If you read the My Hero Academia, you will know society is being ruled by villains these days, but our heroes are ready to change that up.

Class 1-A and the pro heroes at UA High School have left their base there for new pastures. Chapter 327 introduced the world to the army’s new post which is called… Troy. That by itself isn’t enough to cinch a history reference, but it is a good start. And if you do a bit of research, you will find there is more to the nod.

The new base, Troy, is said to be 30 km away from UA High School, so our heroes are 19 miles out from their usual quarters. This number might sound familiar to fans of Homer’s epics as Troy was said to be near another town. Further research led historians to the town of Canakkale, a major port city that is 30 km away from Troy. My Hero Academia fans were quick to pick up on this coincidence, so fans are eyeing the Turkish town’s history to see how UA High School will do in this war.

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As for our heroes, they are literally stuck in Troy. If you know your mythology, then you will recall Virgil told the world how a Trojan horse managed to penetrate Troy and given the Greeks victory against the town. The Trojan Horse ended the war, and today the term refers to plans which trick targets to enter a protected base. In this case, fans believe Toga will be tricked into entering Troy or force her way inside. And as she has Twice’s blood now, well – there is no telling whether or not Toga’s army would be as victorious as the greeks.

What do you think of this latest My Hero Academia theory? Do you feel like our heroes’ new base is a bit suspicious…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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