My Hero Academia Finally Singles Out Its Shocking Traitor

My Hero Academia laid the seeds for a traitor in its midst years ago, and while some may have forgotten, the fandom did not. For years now, readers have been trying to figure out who at U.A. High School has been feeding information to All For One. Now, the manga’s final phase has given out the details, and it turns out the real traitor isn’t who the manga led fans to believe.

So, please be warned! There are some major spoilers for My Hero Academia below:

The whole truth was revealed this week when My Hero Academia put out its latest update. Chapter 336 promised to check in on the traitor after the manga led fans to believe Toru Hagakure was the baddie. This bait-and-switch had fans fretting all week long, but it turns out Hagakure is not the baddie. She simply overheard the situation, and the real traitor is Yuga Aoyama.

Just as many suspected, the knightly hero has been in bed with the villains since day one. The manga went on to explain how Aoyama was roped into the role, and he has his parents to thank. The boy ended up being given a quirk by All For One as a child when Aoyama’s folks learned he had no quirk. This debt was left unchecked for years, but All For One called in his favor once Aoyama entered U.A. High School. The boy was commanded to feed info to the league, and it seems another order has been given.

At this point, My Hero Academia fans are left wondering how Aoyama will be dealt with, and Izuku will have a tough choice to make. The hero has a soft heart, but even Aoyama must answer for his crimes. There is hope yet the boy might turn on All For One, but as seen with Lady Nagant, the villain loves contingency plans. Aoyama could very well die if he stands up to the tyrant, but the traitor’s bleeding heart might persuade him to undertake such a sacrifice.


What do you think of My Hero Academia’s bait-and-switch here? Did you expect Aoyama to be the real villain? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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