My Hero Academia Fans Pitch the Arc’s They Need to See ASAP

My Hero Academia is getting ready to dive into the War Arc for its sixth season, which will see the heroes of UA Academy assembling in order to face down the wild ranks of the Paranormal Liberation Front and its leader, Shigaraki, though there is plenty of territory that the Shonen franchise has yet to explore. Now, fans have gathered via social media to debate which storylines they’d love to see take place in the future of the series created by Kohei Horikoshi and how an arc about Aoyama might be on the top of their list.

In the latest chapter of My Hero Academia’s manga, the traitor of UA Academy has been revealed, and the future of Class 1-A hangs in the balance as a result. Twitter User Izukanee helped in getting the ball rolling with an idea for an upcoming arc which would be labeled the “Quirk Discrimination Arc,” which might dive into the prejudices of society against those without Quirks as well those whose physical bodies have been fundamentally changed as a result of their superpowers:

Quirk discrimination arc would be interesting ?

— Akane ? (@Izukanee) December 4, 2021

What future storylines do you want to see take place in My Hero Academia? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.

Been Waiting For The Discrimination Arc

I’ve been wanting this to happen for the longest time

— Jay ? (@Jay_IsHere723) December 4, 2021



considering it’s one of the main themes i’m surprised we haven’t gotten one yet tbh

— lei (@TENK0SHlMURA) December 5, 2021


A Perfect Arc

DOG I SAID after season 3 an arc about discrimination WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT! Your telling me the only three? People we know are the only Quirkless people how big that is and stuff there no way your telling me there not a Quirkless villain group. It make a perfect arc for Deku

— Davon Cash ? (@DavonCash18) December 4, 2021


Shoji Arc Incoming?

Hori said he was gonna make an arc for Shoji to shine so that discrimination arc definitely comin

— { CheekOps Luffy }(TM) (@CheekOps_Luffy) December 5, 2021


Deku Crush Arc When?

How soon do you think Midoriya will show his feelings for Uraraka? I think Hori will start the Deku crush arc very soon. #izuocha #izukumirodiya #mha #ochakoururaka #myheroacademia #myheroacademia #ochakoururaka #mha337 #dekuraka #uradeku

— ??Izuocha_fan?? (@BiggestFanArt) December 4, 2021


Geeking Out

If we’re really about to get a quirk discrimination arc for my hero academia… im too geeked for this.

I trust it’ll be as good as I believe it to be. Horikoshi knows how to handle topics like these.

— Watch Yowamushi Pedal ? o?o? (@wraithery) December 6, 2021


Traitor Arc

at this point it would be a flashback arc of everytime our newly revealed traitor narced on the heroes and how they did it and them interacting with AFO and possibly Shig. Shig broke into UA he definitely knows who the traitor is and I think it would be cool to see the process.

— Liam The Necromantist (they/them) (@necrolordprime) December 6, 2021


Dark Hollywood Arc?

I’d probably write an arc where they visit Hollywood and learn about the dark underbelly there while learning under some of America’s most famous heroes who have a lot to hide

— Focal Pineapple ? (@VocalPineapples) December 4, 2021


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