My Hero Academia Fans Have Found the Worst Part of Its Traitor’s Confession

If you weren’t aware, My Hero Academia is dealing with one of its most upsetting revelations to date. While the anime is putting in work on season six behind the scenes, all eyes are on the manga and its big traitor. After all, fans have been informed which U.A. High School hero has been selling out their friends, and they have found something even more upsetting in its aftermath.

For those caught up with the manga, you will know My Hero Academia did more work with its traitor this weekend. Izuku has found out that one of his classmates is the traitor, and Yuga Aoyama confessed easily enough. The two spent much of this week’s chapter trading words about the betrayal, and it was there fans spotted something rather surprising.

Aoyama managed to activate Danger Sense, for a split second he truly meant Izuku harm, and that’s the most heartbreaking thing this chapter for me

— Tarnish (@Tarnished_Twice) December 12, 2021

During their talk, Izuku and Aoyama talked over the villains’ ambushes on U.A. High School and how it happened. The latter even revealed he was born quirkless just like Izuku, and when Aoyama spoke those words, our hero was left stunned. Izuku’s Danger Sense was set off, and fans were left shocked at Aoyama’s aggression.

After all, Danger Sense is a handy little quirk that Izuku inherited. The power, which belonged to Hikage Shinomori first, gives Izuku the ability to detect potential threats near him. This power acts similarly to a sixth sense or Marvel’s special Spidey Senses by breaking down violence and negative emotions. It pops up whenever Izuku is in harm’s way, and well – Aoyama is the person who set it off this weekend in My Hero Academia.

Clearly, Aoyama isn’t someone fans consider a threat, but he made himself one to Izuku in this moment. Danger Sense’s debut proves Aoyama was committed to his role as a traitor though not out of choice. With his family on the line, Aoyama wants his parents to be safe, and he would even turn on Izuku if he meant doing so. But with the cat out of the bag, you can see Izuku and Class 1-A aren’t about to let Aoyama carry his burden alone anymore.


Did you notice Danger Sense’s cameo in this new My Hero Academia chapter? How do you think Aoyama willl move forward from here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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