My Hero Academia Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its Traitor’s True Identity

My Hero Academia has spent years stringing fans along with its traitor, and at some points, we wondered if there was a culprit at all. Of course, creator Kohei Horikoshi wasn’t about to let a smoking gun fade away, and he turned the series to address the traitor. After all, the manga did just reveal the person’s true identity, and fans are reeling from the bait-and-switch surprise.

The whole thing actually began last week when My Hero Academia put out a new chapter. It was there All For One told his lackeys about a friend who could get him info on a whim, and the manga split to Hagakure out of nowhere. This had fans convinced the invisible girl was the one aiding All For One, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

In the end, Aoyama turned out to be the traitor, and fans are freaking out in light of the reveal. You can find a slew of those reactions below, and as it turns out, most My Hero Academia fans aren’t surprised by the revelation. Others are curious if Aoyama can come back from this wild betrayal, and if Izuku has anything to say about it, the unwilling spy will be given a second chance.

What do you think about Aoyama’s role as the traitor so far? Can the boy redeem himself at this point in My Hero Academia…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

It’s Too Much

#MHA336 #MHASpoilers
i can’t do this anymore this is too painful for me, but also i like how tragic this is slowly becoming and tbh I’m all here for it. the aoyama traitor reveal plot twist when we were all convinced it was hagakure was such an amazing move on horikoshi’s part.

— Ayisha (@viridithv) December 2, 2021


This Hurts Way Too Much

bye aoyama was there to watch deku completely break down screaming and sobbing at losing bakugou to the LoV…

— ? (@fountaindeku) December 2, 2021


Two Sides, Same Coin

#MHA336 #MHASpoilers

this. parallel. aoyama & izuku are just kids who wanna fit into a hero worshiping society where the quirkless are looked down on, but they went down completely different paths

– aoyama was “saved” by afo
– izuku was saved by all might

— nai (@blasianzuku) December 2, 2021




Bakugo: Why was I the one who ended All Might?


— BNHA struggles(TM) ? (@mhastruggletwt) December 2, 2021


Ouch Ouch Ouch

I’m in Aoyama’s defense squad

— Akane ? (@Izukanee) December 2, 2021


It’s True

If you think Deku is gonna get mad and beat Aoyama you just don’t understand his character

— Akane ? (@Izukanee) December 5, 2021


Three Strikes and You’re Out

Horikoshi told us TWICE that Aoyama was the Traitor and we ain’t listen, that’s why he had to break out ankles the way he did

— Tarnish (@Tarnished_Twice) December 5, 2021


Think About It

All the pain caused by Aoyama I can only imagine the Guilt

— Tarnish (@Tarnished_Twice) December 5, 2021


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