My Hero Academia Cosplay Gives Dabi A Fiery Makeover

My Hero Academia is getting ready for a big 2022, with both its anime and manga setting the stage for some major battles for the future of Class 1-A and the villain Dabi is set to play a pivotal role in both mediums. While the anime series has yet to reveal the nefarious origin of one of the League of Villains’ most powerful members, the manga has done so with gusto as Dabi is set to take on a very familiar hero. With Dabi remaining one of the most popular villains in the Shonen series, one cosplayer has given him a new look.

Dabi’s Quirk is one that makes him quite dangerous when it comes to hero society, first emerging following the arrival of Stain in the second season of the anime adaptation. Following the lead of Shigaraki, Dabi simply wants to watch the world burn and take down hero society one step at a time. In the fifth season of the anime series, Dabi nearly did the impossible and killed the number one and number two heroes, Endeavor and Hawks, following their titanic battle against the High-End Nomu. With the flaming villain rising the ranks of the villainous collective and now made a top general within the Paranormal Liberation Front, the future looks darker for the heroes as a result of Dabi’s malice.

Instagram Cosplayer Lunar Noir Cos shared this new take on Dabi which is able to capture the fiery disposition of the villain that has easily become one of the most popular in My Hero Academia’s history, as the young evil-doer continues to operate under the wing of both Shigaraki and All For One:

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Currently, My Hero Academia’s manga is in its “Final Act,” with creator Kohei Horikoshi recently taking the opportunity to announce that he feels there is around one more year of story left for the popular Shonen franchise. While the mangaka has been tight-lipped as to whether or not we’ll see a sequel series in a similar vein as Naruto: Shippuden or Dragon Ball Super, it’s certainly something that many fans of the Shonen franchise would love to dive into considering how popular the anime has become.


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