My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Sets Up Izuku’s Toughest Choice Yet

The traitor has recently been revealed in My Hero Academia, with one of the young heroes of Class 1-A being revealed to be feeding information to All For One and his villainous forces, which leaves Deku in quite the pinch when it comes to the actions he must take. With the manga currently telling the story of the “Final Act,” it seems that Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of the Shonen franchise, is set to lay everything out on the table as the series apparently moves closer to its end and the battle that is sure to pit heroes against villains.

Warning. If you aren’t caught up with My Hero Academia’s manga, you might want to turn back now as we’ll be dviing into some major spoiler territory for those who only follow the anime series.

As was revealed in Chapter 336, the traitor in Class 1-A was none other than Aoyama, the flashy young hero who is able to expel a laser blast from his navel. Working on behalf of All For One in order to keep his parents safe, the nefarious villain had granted Aoyama his Quirk, having been born without one but wanting nothing more than to become a hero himself. Further extrapolating on his betrayal, Aoyama confesses that he was the one responsible for giving the villains their location during the “Forest Training Camp Arc,”:

“I always wanted to feel equal. At UA Academy and then, in the forest, each time I led them to us. Do you hear me, Midoriya? I am a despicable villain.”

Of course, Aoyama doesn’t seem to be entirely evil, but rather, is a young hero that has been placed in an impossible situation, which leads to the question of how Deku should handle this moving forward. Should he fight his former friend or turn him over to the authorities as the world falls apart thanks to All For One’s plans? Needless to say, Izuku has quite the difficult position to mull over, not even taking into account that a battle is looming that will pit him against both All For One and Shigaraki for the fate of hero society.


What fate do you think should befall Aoyama? Do you foresee Deku forgiving his friend for his transgressions? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.

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