My Hero Academia Assistant Hypes Bakugo x Kirishima with New Art

My Hero Academia may have tons of action to work through, but when it comes down to it, some of the series’ best moments lie in its quiet asides. Class 1-A is at its best more often than not when they are making new friends and chatting. This is even true for Katsuki Bakugo despite his prickly exterior, and now, one of the manga’s assistants is hyping the hero and his closest friend.

The artwork comes from Kohei Horikoshi’s assistant on Twitter as you can see below. It was there nstime23 nodded to Bakugo and Eijiro Kirishima with some cute art. After all, one sketch shows the two heroes-in-training as kids while the other flashes ahead to their friendship as readers know it.

KRBK jungle

— ????@???? (@nstime23) May 4, 2022


— ????@???? (@nstime23) May 4, 2022

The first black-and-white piece highlights Bakugo and Kirishima as they laze around outside. The so-called jungle piece shows both in animal onesies that are cuter than they have any right to be. And yes, Kirishima has his styled red hair here despite his locks being black naturally.

For the second sketch, it imagines the boys in fall clothing given Kirisima’s beanie. The casual look suits the pair, and honestly, Bakugo knows how to rock a headband. You can imagine the boy are on their way to run errands for their class’ dorm in this shot, and My Hero Academia fans are loving the domesticity of it all.

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You cannot blame fans for being so into these sketches. Bakugo has come a long way since My Hero Academia began, but he isn’t one to show his true feelings. When it comes to expression, Bakugo likes to keep a prickly front, but Kirishima is one of the only kids in Class 1-A who sees through that. In fact, the red-head can even break through those walls which not even Izuku can manage. So when it comes to these heroes, well – fans are always going to be rooting for the best.

What do you think about this take on Bakugo and Kirishima? Do you think the pair would have made for good childhood friends? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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