Mushoku Tensei Takes Over Twitter with One of Its Best Episodes Yet

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation may not have come off like a hit from the start, but it has certainly become a staple with fans. The show stepped forward with its midseason premiere this fall, and the clock is ticking down on season one. Now, fans are hanging on to every episode ahead of the finale, and Mushoku Tensei’s most recent release has got the whole fandom buzzing.

The update went live this week when Mushoku Tensei checked on Rudeus during a mission. The boy is found traveling with Eris like usual, but things get ugly when a new foe appears. Orsted the Dragon God happens to encounter the party on a desolate road, and readers knew from the get-go how badly the encounter would end.

As you can find in the slides below, audiences were stunned by Mushoku Tensei’s animation this week. Studio Bind went all out with the episode given its high expectations. Orsted’s fight scenes were just as brutal as fans wanted and then some. By the end, Rudeus was left bloodied while Eris could only watch from the sidelines. The weight of Orsted’s power was made crystal clear, and audiences know the Dragon God is only going to become a bigger player from here on out.

Of course, much of the character’s growth will go down once Mushoku Tensei exits season one. The isekai has been a hit with fans since episode one, so it seems like Studio Bind will commission a second season. Rudeus will most certainly run into Orsted again in that near future, so the reincarnated mage better train hard between now and then.

What do you think about this latest episode of Mushoku Tensei? Did it take you for a loop or…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

Absolute Perfection

HOLY SHIT!!!!?#MushokuTensei Episode 21 was INSANE!! definitely the best episode so far
The sick animations and that soundtrack..I almost cried, the episode was just perfect!!?

— Kentachi (MiA S2 Hype!) (@_Kentachi_) December 5, 2021


Colder Than Ice

Still can’t get over Orsted dude so cold ?#MushokuTensei #JoblessReincarnation

— Azu (@ItzAzuSensei) December 6, 2021


Bring the Trauma

Episode 21 #MushokuTensei was a blast. I felt so many emotions watching this episode. The minute when Orsted & Nanahoshi arrived at the scene, I knew that there will be a very violent battle. I also can’t take the part when Eris screamed for help. Literally trauma on Eris part.

— manga_k0nan_anime (@EtcMomoka) December 6, 2021


Big Yikes

I love how the demon eye that made Rudeus look into the future made him even more miserable than what he’s already is… #MushokuTensei

— Ailan (@LastBoss__) December 6, 2021


10 Out of 10

Sword fights in MUSHOKU TENSEI are unbelievably great#MushokuTensei

— The Hopium Crusher (@cryjack2) December 6, 2021


A Solid Play

Jobless Reincarnation ep.21 is epic?
The battle scene is the best!!!#MushokuTensei

— Kyle Anime Scouter (@kylescouter) December 5, 2021


Crying and Screaming

IM SPEECHLESS #MushokuTensei

— ?????? o (@giftedweeb) December 5, 2021


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