Moonfall: Halle Berry Experienced Vomit-Filled Zero Gravity Training

Halle Berry was no stranger to roles that tossed her into space as a fictional character before Moonfall. The X-Men alum had starred in a TV series called Extant, where she had done a bit of training to learn how to move through air as though she were in a zero-gravity setting. This, in fact, helped prepared her for Roland Emmerich’s latest disaster movie which sees the moon crashing into the Earth with Berry being one of three characters capable of finding a way to stop it. While speaking to, Berry recalled the zero-gravity training in all of its amazing, vomit-inducing-for-other-passengers details.

“I had done a little television series called Extant,” where I also played an astronaut,” Berry recalled. “And so I have research I did from that time, where I actually went on one of those flights. You know, those zero gravity flights. And so I knew what it really felt like to be weightless and have zero gravity. So I just could call on those experiences that I remembered doing for my television show.”

While Berry says she would go through the experience again, she does not that it might not be something for everyone. “I loved it,” she said. “I mean, there was a woman on my plane, I have to say, who did not. She was in the corner vomiting, and the vomit was floating in the air. Like, it was crazy. So the thing is, you never know how you’re gonna react. And once you go up, you’re stuck. And if you’re having like a terrible time like this woman had, she was all shades of green and purple when we landed. There was nothing she could do. She had to stay on the ride.” So, potential space travelers beware, some protective gear to protect yourself from the projectiles of others might be necessary for the practice runs.

This space journey around, Berry’s character in Moonfall is a high-ranking executive at NASA. Originally, Berry’s character in Moonfall was written to be a male character. Moonfall director Roland Emmerich decided to change the gender of the character when he saw what Berry brought to it. Berry doesn’t want to take full credit for the change which allowed her to bring her impressive acting chops to the film, one which she says, “probably somewhere along the way.” In fact, she credits Emmerich for putting her in the role. “I really attribute it to Roland for having, you know, the open mind and the forethought to realize that something that was possible. You know, like 20 years ago, I couldn’t… Or 10 years ago even, I couldn’t imagine them casting a black woman as the head of NASA. You know, a black man, okay. But a black woman? No. So, you know, I attribute that to Roland.”

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