Mike Baron Interview: Thin Blue Line, Mike has Blue Hair, Carl Potts, Burning Cities, Helmet Head, Kolchak Non Memories!


This is a GREAT INTERVIEW with the Mighty Mike Baron! We go IN DEEP on THIN BLUE LINE, Mike’s incredible new cop comic book, where raging mobs burn down the city as two cops fight for their community… and for their very survival…which Mike is currently funding on IndieGoGo! This is an incredible sounding book and I highly recommend listeners back this! Dave is ALL IN!

Also, Mike now has BLUE HAIR, as supporters have hit a GOAL on the Indiegogo, Dave (of course) gets Mike to talk some Punisher, some Microchip, Carl Potts, Denny O’Neill, Helmet Head, and even some Kolchak NON Memories! Sit back, put the feet up, and enjoy!

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