Michael B. Jordan Says Killmonger Is Not A Villain


A villain Marvel fans immediately took a liking to was Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan. The antagonist of 2018’s Black Panther truly believed he was the hero of the story, as he set out to take control of Wakanda in order to change the lives of Black people around the world. Even though he died at the end of the film, Jordan has revisited the character, most recently in Marvel Studios’ first animated project, Marvel’s What If…?. When asked directly if he considers Killmonger to be a villain, Michael B. Jordan confidently declares the character is not.

The actor sat down with Bleacher Report’s Taylor Rooks to discuss Killmonger, the future of HBCUs, his favorite courtside Kobe moment, and more. When Rooks asked Jordan if Killmonger was a villain, Jordan replied with a simple, “No.” When Rooks suggested Killmonger is more of an antagonist than straight-up villain, Jordan also agreed with her. “I think he was a necessary part of the conversation,” Jordan began. “He cared about his people just as much as T’Challa. He just had a different way about getting it done. I think he was a historian that studied the history of government and oppression. Erik is a really smart guy, an MIT graduate.”

Is Killmonger a villain? @michaelb4jordan explains to @TaylorRooks why he’s not ? https://t.co/iDbuWCNXB7 pic.twitter.com/SiwG9A5yvN

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He continued: “Erik saw there was really only one way to change things, so he went about that. I don’t think his argument was completely wrong. I don’t think T’Challa’s argument was completely wrong. I think it was a necessary conversation that needed to be had. But, it’s a movie also. Jordan also added how Killmonger may have tried to take a more passive approach to seeing change happen, but after witnessing how long it was taking, decided it would take too long.

Killmonger was one of the characters assembled by The Watcher to form the Guardians of the Multiverse. Together with Doctor Strange Supreme, Captain Carter, Party Thor, Gamora, T’Challa Star-Lord, and Black Widow, they stopped Ultron Vision from destroying the multiverse. Surprising no one, Killmonger turned on the Guardians of the Multiverse, but was ultimately defeated and trapped with Ultron Vision in a pocket dimension guarded by Doctor Strange Supreme.


What are your thoughts on Killmonger not being a villain? Do you agree with Michael B. Jordan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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