Metroid Dread Fans are Celebrating Tonight’s Game Awards Win

During The Game Awards 2021, Metroid Dread took home the best Action Adventure game of the year. Immediately following the announcement, fans of the Nintendo Switch game took to social media to share their happiness about the result! MercurySteam’s latest is the first wholly-original 2D Metroid game in 19 years, so fans are hoping that the win might lead to greater interest in the series. That might also mean less of a wait for the next Metroid game, but that could also depend on the game’s financial performance!

For those that haven’t played the game yet, Metroid Dread takes the classic 2D gameplay that the series has been known for since 1986, but incorporates a number of new elements. Most notably, the game adds a bit of survival horror, as Samus is forced to contend with the new EMMI opponents. The game received strong critical reception, receiving a five out of five score from Readers can check out that review right here.

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about Metroid Dread!

A lot of Metroid fans are happy about the win!

Metroid Dread won best action/adventure!!!!!!
YESSS!!! ???

— Tsurugi Star (@Tsurugi_Star) December 10, 2021


It’s good to see deserving games rewarded.

Between Metroid Dread and FF14 it seems like the right games are finally starting to get their due.

— Casual (@casualmusicnerd) December 10, 2021


Fans are happy for MercurySteam.

Congrats to all that worked on Metroid Dread!

— Matthew Niemi (@robopenginangry) December 10, 2021


The win might even convince some gamers to try it!

I should probably play Metroid Dread shouldn’t I?

— LegendTMP (@LegendTMP) December 10, 2021


Nintendo really shocked fans with the game.

So happy for Metroid Dread getting some recognition on #GameAwards ? Playing a new 2D Metroid sequel after 19 years was one of my favorite surprises from this year. ?

— Gui Schmitt (@guischmitt) December 10, 2021


Dread has found a passionate fanbase!

Metroid Dread 100% deserves best action/adventure, it’s one of the best Nintendo games I’ve played in years.

— the shpidahman (@PrinceIekTotal) December 10, 2021


That’s all some fans wanted out of the show.

Metroid Dread won a game award so I’m satisfied!

— Dany (@babano22) December 10, 2021


It’s been a good night.

Metroid Dread and FF14 winning along with the Sonic 2 movie trailer are are good enough for me tonight. Anything more is bonus to me at this point.#TheGameAwards

— The Obsessive Gamer (@Obsessive_Gamer) December 10, 2021


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