Massive LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT Set Is Back In Stock


LEGO’s Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) Star Wars sets are among the most exciting in the entire LEGO lineup, and the collection recently expanded in a big way with the 75313 AT-AT. This long-awaited Star Wars set includes a whopping 6,785 pieces, making it second only to the 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon with its 7541 pieces. The set sold out at the LEGO Shop at launch very quickly despite its $799.99 price tag, but it has just been restocked. You can grab a set right here while it lasts. When it sells out again, you can head on over to eBay if you simply must have it for the holidays.

Buy LEGO Ultimate Collector Series AT-AT From ($799.99)

The massive Star Wars AT-AT LEGO set features a moveable head, poseable legs, rotating cannons with recoil action, bomb drop hatch, and side panels that can be removed to show off a detailed interior. There’s even a hook and wire to recreate the Luke Skywalker scene from The Battle of Hoth.

In addition to the Luke Skwyalker minifigure, the AT-AT Lego set also includes General Veers, two AT-AT drivers, a Snowtrooper Commander and four Snowtrooper minifigures. There are also two speeder bikes and an E-Web heavy repeating blaster. According to LEGO, you can fit up to 40 Snowtrooper minifigures inside the AT-AT if you want to go all-out. with the display. Additional images of the LEGO Star Wars UCS 75313 AT-AT set are available in the gallery below.

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