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WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Savage Avengers #27, available now from Marvel.

The Savage Avengers have chased the ancient, evil sorcerer Kulan Gath to the edges of the Earth and through time itself, only to see the world fall before the villain’s might. Now on the verge of their last chance to stop Kulan Gath, the heroes have discovered that they aren’t the only ones fighting against the sorcerer. As it turns out, one of the most horrifying beings in the entire Marvel Universe has been there just waiting for its chance to be reborn, and Shuma-Gorath has found the perfect new vessel in the form of the wizard that consumed it.

The battle against Kulan Gath has come to its final moments as the Savage Avengers and their allies are left to watch their enemy prepare to ascend to a higher plane of existence. Having cannibalized other mages and deities  Kulan Gath was imbued with the kind of power that most could only imagine, and he is able to shrug off each and every blow that comes his way. At least, all but the strike dealt by Magik, which refused to heal in the pages of Savage Avengers #27 (by Gerry Duggan, Patch Zircher, Java Tartaglia, and VC’s Travis Lanham). Of course, this was no typical wound, having been dealt with the same blade which Doctor Strange used to end the life of Shuma-Gorath following the eldritch horror’s flaying by the mad wizard. With Shuma’s blood now coursing through his veins, even the ancient powers consumed by Kulan Gath cannot save him from becoming host to the being he tried so hard to usurp.

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It’s a gruesome sight when Kulan Gath’s body bursts at the seams with eldritch tentacles before being enveloped entirely by the entity, though it also stands out as something of a turning point for the Marvel Universe itself. Doctor Strange has learned just how important Shuma-Gorath is to reality itself as an apex predator on the mystic food chain. A fact which made the being’s apparent death sting the Sorcerer Supreme far more than it should have considering the violent history between them. Bringing Shuma back to life is obviously better than dealing with an unstoppable sorcerer from the Hyborian Age, yet it is only because of the deal made with Doctor Strange that it too avoids falling into the Savage Avengers’ crosshairs.

In return for ensuring its continued survival, Shuma-Gorath promised the Sorcerer Supreme that it would no longer terrorize our world, and it looks to be keeping its word despite otherwise villainous intentions. Not only does Shuma-Gorath take its leave without protest, but there is also good reason to believe that it won’t be seen again for quite some time thanks to the font of mystic power in the form of Kulan Gath just waiting to be slowly devoured. On the surface, it is the best possible way for the heroes to rid themselves of two menaces at once. Unfortunately, it may end up only giving them another all-powerful threat to deal with in the future.

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Even if Shuma-Gorath isn’t going to be menacing the Marvel Universe any time soon, the fact that it now has Kulan Gath’s power to consume as its own is hardly a good omen. Kulan Gath didn’t just devour the flesh of the eldritch being, but of countless other mystic beings and powerful sorcerers. The energies of which enabled him to move his way up that especially gruesome food chain in the first place. Assuming Kulan Gath really is gone for good, that only means that his strength is being poured into an even greater threat. With any luck, the Sorcerer Supreme will be able to put it down a second time when Shuma-Gorath makes their next inevitable return.

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