Marvel’s Most Ridiculous Symbiote Power Could Bring Carnage to the MCU

As a symbiote, Carnage has a myriad of different powers, just like his “father” Venom. These include superhuman strength and speed, and the ability to shape weapons out of its viscous “skin.” One of his powers, however, has long since been forgotten. Despite its obscure status, this ability could perhaps be his most powerful of all.

Venom: Carnage Unleashed gave Carnage the ability to literally manifest his body and powers through a computer and the Internet. This downloadable power sounds a bit corny, but it could give the villain an even greater longevity in both the comic books and movies, and even offer him a bridge to come to the MCU.

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Venom: Carnage Unleashed from Larry Hama and Andrew Wildman came out in the ’90s during the height of both Venom and Carnage’s popularity. The storyline sees Carnage becoming the face behind a licensed video game, of all things, called Extreme Violence. According to familiar Spider-Man character Dr. Ashley Kafka, this is all part of Cletus Kasady’s treatment, with the game acting as some sort of vehicle for the killer to express himself safely.

Unfortunately, the safe part doesn’t exactly stay that way. Cletus soon discovers that he can interact with the Extreme Violence game in a very literal way, allowing himself to manifest tendrils and other body parts through the game and computer, and across the internet itself. He later used this power to attack Venom, who had come to the scene right when Carnage attacked his first victim online. Of course, Venom soon realized that Kasady is nowhere around but instead using this strange new ability.

The series was ’90s to a spike-covered T, with the storyline some sort of commentary on the topical controversy of violent video games such as Mortal Kombat. Because of that, it’s been left to collect dust in continuity obscurity, but perhaps its most interesting (i.e. weird) element could be used again… but only at a huge stretch.

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As weird as Carnage having “internet powers” is, there’s something of a precedent for it, especially recently. The Extreme Carnage event had a more powerful Carnage controlling several nearby symbiotes, including one that had bonded with Iron Man’s Extremis armor. If this feat is possible, then Carnage doing something similar years before with a game that was literally designed for him makes sense in a comic book kind of way.

Directly using this power to download himself into technology would make him have an even greater longevity in the comics, but it could also be used in the movies. Carnage was most definitely dead at the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage, but perhaps some small part of the symbiote downloaded itself into a nearby machine or even computer. This would be a way to adapt the Carnage Unleashed story and bring the villain back for another movie.

Of course, the storyline was forgotten by many readers for a reason. As mentioned, it came out when Venom and Carnage were at their hottest, and this was consequently an era full of excruciatingly silly comics starring the symbiotes. The stories got more and more ridiculous, almost basking in how much they represented all of the faults of ’90s comics.

“Internet powers” are definitely up there with some of the silly stuff from this era, with even comic book fans likely giving the concept a groan and glare. Even if fans want Carnage to return in future Sony and MCU movies, perhaps it’s best for this idea to stay offline for the time being.

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