Marvel’s Avengers Drops Captain America Surprise on Fans

Marvel’s Avengers has dropped a special surprise on fans via Captain America. Alongside Iron Man, Captain America is the most popular Avenger in Marvel’s Avengers, and thus it should come as no surprise that Glamor-Pants and Iron Man have shared the most premium marketplace MCU outfits, though characters like Hawkeye and Black Widow have certainly received many themselves. Hulk, Ms Marvel, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Thor, and Kate Bishop haven’t been so lucky, but, unfortunately, that’s just how popularity works.

Using the official Marvel’s Avengers Twitter account, developer Crystal Dynamics and publisher Square Enix have announced a new Captain America MCU suit releasing tomorrow, February 10, it’s none other than the outfit the hero wore in Captain America: The First Avengers. More specifically, it’s a suit “inspired” by this outfit.

How much this outfit will cost when it releases, the game’s Twitter account doesn’t say, but it will presumably cost the same amount previous MCU skins have. What we do have is our first look at the outfit.

He can do this all day. ?

Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger Outfit features a soldier who would become a legend.

Get it in the Marketplace on February 10!

— Marvel’s Avengers (@PlayAvengers) February 9, 2022

While you’d expect universal praise and excitement from Marvel’s Avengers fans over the release of the skin, it’s been anything but. Many Marvel’s Avengers fans aren’t happy premium skins continue to be released while the game receives minimal content of the substantial variety and suffers from long-standing problems.

“Before supporting game remember: Outfits are held online so will be lost when servers go down,” reads the most popular reply to the tweet above. “Raid has been unplayable for 2 months with no apology. They’re hiding negative replies here. Patch notes are now two lines long for 8 GB patches. They’ve made no commitment to the future.”


“The game has bugs and it’s ruining my experience with the game, I would love to buy this costume as an avid player and lover of this game, but you have left me no choice but to skip out on future outfits,” reads another popular reply. “It’s abundantly clear you do not care about the game so neither do I.”

Crystal Dynamics has yet to respond to any of this backlash. And considering some of the replies are complaining about the silence from the studio over the state of the game and its future, perhaps it’s safe to assume this won’t change.

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