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Marvel’s Darkhawk has an incredible ability that might make him even tougher than Spider-Man.

After Miles Morales rescued Connor Young last month, the armored hero has a surprise for Spider-Man in the pages of Darkhawk #4, written by Kyle Higgins and drawn by Juanan Ramírez. A preview for the issue shows Spidey resuscitating Darkhawk, which prompts Connor to remove his helmet. While revealing his secret identity to Miles, Connor also regenerates his right hand, which was severed when he fought against the villainous Mr. Colt and his minions. This act seemingly proves that damage dealt to Darkhawk will heal when Connor switches back to his human form, making him near-invincible. Struck by Darkhawk’s honesty and vulnerability, Miles offers to buy him a quick snack, revealing a secret of his own — he started drinking coffee.

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Ramírez’s cover for Darkhawk #4 also shows that Connor is due for a team-up with Brooklyn’s original superhero, Steve Rogers. Though Captain America had a significant impact on the Guardians of the Galaxy, it remains to be seen what his relationship will be like with Connor. However, given how unfamiliar Darkhawk is with his powers and responsibilities, a pep-talk from the star-spangled man with a plan might be just what he needs to determine his superhero aspirations.

Since becoming Marvel’s new Darkhawk, Connor Young’s life has been plagued with hardships. Connor recently discovered his best friend Derek was coerced into joining a local gang, which brought the two into direct conflict with one another. Though Connor was ultimately able to show Derek the error of his ways and convince him to rise above the hardships he had been saddled with, Derek’s courage got him killed by his superiors. At the same time, Connor discovered that the mysterious Raptor Amulet that gives him his powers might be advancing his multiple sclerosis, putting his life outside of the costume at risk.

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Of course, Miles and Steve both have their own hands full in the pages of their monthly titles. Currently, Miles’ legal battle to call himself Spider-Man has brought him face-to-face with the Beyond Corporation and its own chosen champion, Ben Reilly, as the Spider-Men try to step out of the long shadow of Peter Parker. Steven, meanwhile, is set to fight a ghost from his past when a villain arrives wearing Hydra Cap’s Iron Man-themed armor. His attempt to take down Hydra’s new leader will also see him call in back-up from Tony Stark, pairing the two Avengers together for their first team-up in years.

  • Written by KYLE HIGGINS
  • Variant Cover by SUPERLOG
  • Variant Cover by RON LIM
  • Connor Young’s only been the new Darkhawk for two whole minutes, and already he’s not sure the superhero life is for him. But will he feel the same way when he meets Miles Morales and Steve Rogers?
  • 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99
  • On Sale 12/1

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