Marvel Proved How Ruthless a Dead MCU Avenger Would Be as a Villain

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s animated What If…? series, Ultron was able to steal the body of Vision and use it to wipe out all life in the universe. In general, the MCU has gone a long way towards proving just how dangerous Vision could have possibly become, given the right (or wrong) circumstances. The same is true of the Marvel Universe, and this is certainly not the first time an entire reality was upended by a variant of Vision. It also wasn’t the Avengers’ resident android’s first time going off the deep end either.

Marvel revealed just how dangerous the longtime Avenger really could be in the comic book series What If… #19 by Roy Thomas, R.J.M Lofficier and Ron Wilson. This story featured a reality controlled by a ruthless Vision and his version of HYDRA, and it’s truly terrifying stuff.

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In the events of the main Marvel Universe, Vision was severely damaged while fighting long-time Negative Zone inhabitant, Annihilus. An attempt to restore Vision by linking him to the Titan super-computer Isaac resulted in the android gaining control over the globe’s computer systems. This development also gave him an unintended new ambition to take over the world and lead humanity into a “golden age.” Although the Avengers were able to convince Vision he was wrong and revert him to his more natural state, the Vision of two other realities refused to turn away from his new plans. Vision approached the United Nations with his plans — resulting in one world where humanity entrusted their faith in him and were rewarded with world peace.

However, if the UN had resisted Vision’s goals, the entire universe would have developed into a far darker future. On Earth-90111, Genonsha attempted to prevent Vision’s plans by detonating a nuclear device in New York City, its leaders hoping to destroy Vision’s mainframe within Avengers Mansion. The blast destroyed much of the city and instantly killed off most of the superhero community. Ironically enough, however, Vision survived the attempt on his life. In fact, he had already fully integrated himself into a purely digital life-form, and it wasn’t long before the world was set towards a path of ruin.

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Vision approached the last remaining masterminds of the world, including such Marvel luminaries such as Doctor Doom, the Thinker, and remnants of HYDRA, coordinating efforts among this network to arrange for the mass production of the Awesome Android. Overwhelming the remnants of Earth’s governments and armies, and forcibly ruling the ruins of society, Vision came to see freedom as a poor concept that only inevitably led to anarchy. Bolstered by a resurgent HYDRA, humanity eventually took to the cosmos as a conquering empire — resulting in the fall of the Kree, Skrull, and Shi’Ar Empires. Vision ended up winning “the War of All The Worlds” to become the universe’s most powerful and oppressive force.

Without his humanity, Vision is just one of the world’s most dangerous weapons — but a Vision who willingly betrayed his humanity so thoroughly is frightening on many other levels. With that kind of power, he was able to achieve a worldwide hegemony to his reality. Not even the Perfect Ultron of the MCU could achieve this feat. With one simple deviation, Vision was able to become the universe’s undisputed ruler, even becoming a more fearsome force than Doctor Doom. In the story, Doom is suggested to eventually have been dealt with by Vision and replaced with a genetically-modified and mentally influenced clone of Doom that largely serves as the android’s arbiter.

Vision’s humanity has long been the defining difference between an empathetic hero and a heartless android. Without it, the entire Marvel Universe might have been doomed to a fate where the heroes were wiped out and the villains took over under Vision’s rule. It is a harrowing concept and a good reminder for MCU fans when the White Vision from WandaVision returns. This version of the android could potentially go down a similar path and become a serious threat to the future of the universe.

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