Marvel Mech Strike: Monster Hunters Pop Pre-Orders Drop at Funko Fair 2022

In celebration of the second season of Mech Strike on the Marvel HQ YouTube channel, Funko has launched a wave of Mech Strike: Monster Hunters at Funko Fair 2022! It includes Marvel villains as monsters and Marvel heroes in mech suits. What more could you ask for?

Common figures in the Mech Strike: Monster Hunters lineup include Loki, Thanos, Venom, and Dr. Doom. Pre-orders for all of these figures (and their Pop Keychain counterparts) are live here on Amazon, here at Walmart, and here at Entertainment Earth now. There are also numerous Special Editions and exclusives, which are outlined below.


As noted, the Mech Strike: Monster Hunters wave was released as part of the Funko Fair 2022 event, which runs from February 15th through February 18th. You can keep tabs on all of the new Pop figure pre-orders from the event right here via our Funko Fair master list.


The synopsis for the new season of Mech Strike is as follows:

“In this second season of MECH STRIKE, Thanos has fallen…and Doom is on the rise! To face this new threat, the Avengers will clash against none other than Doctor Doom and an all-new team of Marvel’s most notorious super villains, monstrously transformed by the eye of a mythical beast. And to fight these new monsters, the Avengers will have to mech up…monster style.”

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