Marvel Fans REALLY Want to Buy Hawkeye’s Christmas Sweaters

The latest episode of Marvel’s Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney+ and as if the series couldn’t embrace its Christmas setting enough, the two lead heroes donned ugly Christmas sweaters for the new chapter, and Marvel fans went nuts. As Kate Bishop and Clint Barton continue to celebrate the season, the pair have the Barton family traditional Christmas movie marathon with Kate providing the outerwear for the pair. Marvel fans, ever the chill bunch about anything they see in the MCU, quickly took to social media to call out the sweaters, many hoping for a way to buy them. See the reaction yourself below!

Christmas was integral to the development of Hawkeye, and naturally other Christmas movies were a key part of that. “People mentioned Die Hard being one side of things,” director Rhys Thomas previously told about the series. “I mean Home Alone is definitely a big atmospheric Christmas touchstone… both the original and Lost In New York. Yeah, I don’t know. Like I, kinda, again, I would just do, I mean, Gremlins as well. It’s like… I’m the type of person that sort of whether a direct reference makes it into a show or a movie or not, I will take any excuse to sort of keep plumbing my memory, my cultural memory.”

Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney+ with two episodes remaining.

Find a link

Someone find a link to these sweaters #Hawkeye

— sarie ?? (@CrazyGirlVids) December 8, 2021



I need Hawkeye (Clint)’a Christmas sweater. Anybody have any leads?

— ? Ellie’s Extraordinary Christmas ? (@GlassHouseMous3) December 8, 2021


Everything I needed today

Ok, so seeing #hawkeye in an ugly Christmas sweater is everything I needed today to be in a cheerful mood ?.

— Bert de Jong (@SecBert) December 8, 2021


just kate bishop in her santa hat and christmas sweater

no thoughts head empty just kate bishop in her santa hat and christmas sweater

— kirtan | hawkeye era ?? (@stevsbishp) December 8, 2021


my beloved!!

Kate Bishop in an ugly Christmas Sweater, my beloved!! ?????? #KateBishopUglySweater #KateBishop #Hawkeye #HawkeyeSeries

— Real World of Hailee Steinfield ?? (@lokixsylvie69) December 8, 2021


Heart emoji

Kate and Clint in Christmas sweaters ? #Hawkeye

— Jolly Saint Nick ? (@nsealyyy) December 8, 2021


Appreciation post

Appreciation post for the archers in ugly Christmas sweaters #Hawkeye #KateBishop #MarvelStudios

— pathetic_midgardian (@Zee14637) December 8, 2021


I want that

okay but i want that puppy christmas sweater #Hawkeye

— tony’s sleigh season (@sarcasT0NY) December 8, 2021


Didn’t know I needed

Hawkeye wearing a “grumpy cat” Christmas sweater was something I didn’t know I needed in life.


— Skylar Muirhead (@SkylarBayLynn24) December 8, 2021


The sweater!!

her christmas sweater ???

— alex ?? hawkeye spoilers (@fruitysilva) December 8, 2021


Ugly sweater, cool hero

Ugly Sweater.
Cool Hero.#Hawkeye #HawkeyeSeries #ClintBarton #ClintBartonUglySweater #JeremyRenner

— Kit Josephs (@KitJosephs) December 8, 2021


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