Marvel Fans Are Obsessed With Chris Evans Meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney World

It’s another beautiful day on Chris Evans‘ Internet. The actor known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is often delighting fans on social media, recently going viral for a sweet post about The Office’s Jim and Pam. This week, Evans paid a visit to Disney World, and some photos of him with Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been taking the Internet by storm. Many fans have been posting the photos on Twitter and gushing over Evans and his love for Disney.

“Better quality photo of Chris Evans at Disney!,” @CEvansNews tweeted earlier this week. You can check out the photo below:

? | Better quality photo of Chris Evans at Disney! ?

— Chris Evans News (@CEvansNews) November 30, 2021

Thankfully, Evans’ days with Disney are far from over. The actor may be done playing Steve Rogers in the MCU, but he’ll soon be starring in Lightyear, the Pixar movie about the astronaut Buzz Lightyear is based on in the Toy Story universe.

“There’s a core idea about Buzz that we noticed when we really drilled down looking at all of the Toy Story movies: That Buzz has a disagreement over the nature of reality,” director Agnus MacLane explained. “In the first Toy Story, he believes he’s a space ranger when Woody says he’s a toy. In the second movie, they had to bring in another Buzz Lightyear to kick jumpstart that again. And he had to convince his other self that HE was a toy. And there’s Spanish Buzz in [Toy Story 3], and then the inner monologue in [Toy Story 4]. That was a bedrock for something we knew we needed to pay off.”

You can check out some of the best tweet reactions to Evans’ Disney World visit below…

Looking Sharp, Chris

Chris Evans really decided to give us this all black outfit at DISNEY WORLD

really sir?!?! ????

— ? Vannie ? (@cevansstorm) November 30, 2021


Hot New Couple Alert

rumor has it chris evans is now dating minnie mouse ?

— bella ? ? (@tpwkevans) November 30, 2021


Having a Blast

more pics of chris evans at disney world!!!
via steve_in_la on Instagram

— comfort chris ? (@safeevansstans) November 30, 2021


My Emotions!

the way chris evans waves goodbye to minnie mouse before leaving please he’s so- ?

— e?ena ? (@stvebckyrogers) November 30, 2021


Out in the Wild

A rare Chris Evans spotted in his natural habitat at disney world

— Dominic ? (@hoeforstucky) November 30, 2021


Where’s the Lie?

Chris taking a selfie with Minnie Mouse is the most Chris Evans thing ever

— Dominic ? (@hoeforstucky) November 30, 2021


You Love To See It

chris evans at disney parks: a saga

— comfort for chris stans (@safeforchris) June 19, 2021


Can’t Look Away

chris evans at disney world recently.
he looks so good!! ?

— maddie (@evansouvenir) November 30, 2021


Dream Man

chris evans, playing soft piano every sunday, loving his dog and taking pictures of him all the time, big beefy and soft, has a nice laugh, loves disney and still wear mask in public… a man written by women me thinks

— gabz (@buckywithgucci) December 1, 2021


In Conclusion

petition for chris evans to do a disney world trip photo dump

— mallory (@newangelcevans) November 30, 2021


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