Marvel Confirmed the X-Men’s Storm Can Go Beyond Omega-Level – But It’s Too Dangerous

Ororo Monroe, aka Storm, is one of Marvel’s most powerful figures. An Omega-Level Mutant, Storm’s true potential puts her on a level akin to the strongest beings in the universe. It turns out that in one reality, she became even more powerful, reaching a galactic scale when one minor change occurred during an early mission with the X-Men.

One notable issue of What If…? revealed what would have happened if Storm had been given the cosmic power of the Phoenix Force instead of Jean Grey — and it doesn’t end well for anyone in that world.

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On Earth-9590 — featured in What If… #79 (by Sarah Byam and Franchesco Bufano) — events played out much as they did in the core Marvel Universe until Jean Grey was forced to pilot a shuttle back to Earth after a mission in space, exposing herself to the Phoenix Force. In this reality, Jean was knocked out beforehand, and it was Storm who did her best to rescue her teammates only to be exposed to the cosmic force. Now enhanced by the Phoenix’s power, the newly dubbed StormPhoenix became seen as a Goddess on Earth — freezing the opposing heroes in a state of perpetual hypothermia to prevent them from rebelling against her while countless others joined a newly-established religion called the Followers of Storm.

Initially, the StormPhoenix ruled benevolently, but as she became more detached from humanity, a cabal of her followers (including her former teacher Ahadi and a disillusioned Kitty Pryde) teamed up with Wolverine, Black Panther, Nick Fury, and Doctor Doom in an attempt to halt her reign. Discovering the true Storm hidden in the Hudson Bay (much as the real Jean Grey was found on Earth-616), the resistance staged an attack against StormPhoenix that led to the cosmic entity realizing the truth about itself — causing it to depart back for the cosmos. However, the act resulted in the death of the true Storm. In theory, StormPhoenix is one of the most potentially powerful (and dangerous) incarnations of either character, able to manipulate an entire world’s atmosphere with ease.

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In addition to Storm’s innate Omega-Level capabilities, the Phoenix Force bestowed her with a level of cosmic awareness as well as a connection with the rest of the world. The StormPhoenix had such deliberate control of her power that she could freeze entire armies of heroes while also having the might to easily change the weather patterns of a village that ignored her demands. As she became more committed to her status as a goddess, the StormPhoenix casually threatened others and even killed those who openly spoke against her.

Jean Grey’s innate restraint and love for Scott Summers wasn’t enough to keep the Phoenix Force from destroying an entire planet, but it was enough to stop her from unleashing her rage against the Earth, leading to her choice to end her own life. Storm’s dedication to creating a better world was easier to corrupt, allowing the StormPhoenix to become a deadly destroyer before departing the Earth with the blood of her counterpart on her hands. In the end, it appears to be for the best that the already powerful Storm of the mainstream universe has never had her power boosted beyond Omega-Level.

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