Marvel Changed Star Wars’ OT ‘It’s a Trap’ Quote for the Better

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Star Wars Adventures # 12, on sale now from IDW publishing.

Out of all the conflicts in Star Wars, The Battle of Endor was probably the most important. Thanks to the Emperor’s poor planning and the Imperial military’s ineptitude, the Rebels were able to blow up the Empire’s second Death Star and officially end the Galactic Civil War. The most iconic part of the battle, however, wasn’t the explosion of the Empire’s behemoth battle station, it was Admiral Ackbar yelling, “It’s a trap.”

In Star Wars Adventures #12, by Cavan Scott, Manuel Bracchi, Bracardi Curry and Johanna Nattali, Luke Skywalker’s Rogue Squadron went to the Valo System in response to a distress call from one of their own. During that mission, Pilot Ibit Myrak was able to save the entire Rebellion from a trap, but how she did it was kind of ironic.

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During the last issue, Myrak was new to the Rogue Squadron and didn’t quite get the hang of things. She was overeager and repeatedly broke Luke’s orders to stay in formation, which put her and her wing-mates in danger multiple times. As a punishment, Luke grounded Myrak and told her that she was on comms duty, cataloging the message logs. Then, as the issue ended, one of their squad members radioed in and reported an Imperial attack on Valo.

The rest of Rogue Squadron responded but Myrak was stuck doing grunt work. She wasn’t happy and decided to make a break for the ships. She made it to the hanger, where she was confronted by an officer and Admiral Ackbar, himself. Then, in what looked like a terrible decision, Myrak pushed Ackbar over, made it to her X-Wing and took off.

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It looked like Myrak was defying orders just so that she could be involved in the fight, but she ended up saving the day. While cataloging the comm messages, like she was ordered, she discovered an irregularity. As it turned out, she had found out that the pilot who radioed in the Imperial attack was actually an Imperial spy, and he was setting Luke and his Rogue Squadron up for destruction. That’s why she was so eager to abandon her place — to go warn Luke and his pilots. Shortly after Myrak took off, C3-P0 showed up to report Myrak’s findings to the Admiral, and he quickly brought the entire fleet to bear against the Imperials ambushing Luke.

Thus, it was ironic that Myrak was able to identify an Imperial trap and save the day, all because she pushed Admiral Ackbar down. He was the original “It’s a trap guy,” but chronologically, it’s now Myrak who saved the rebellion first.

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