Marvel Champions Reveals Details on Sinister Motives, Next Box Set Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games has revealed additional details about the Sinister Motives expansion coming to Marvel Champions: The Card Game. Fantasy Flight provided fans with some new details about the upcoming boxed set, which will contain two new heroes (Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales/Spider-Man) and a full campaign of villains to face over the course of multiple scenarios. This will be the fourth campaign boxed set released for Marvel Champions, following the release of The Rise of Red Skull, Galaxy’s Most Wanted, and Mad Titan’s Shadow. As the name suggests, the campaign will include numerous Spider-Man villains, including Venom, Sandman, Mysterio, and the full Sinister Six (consisting of the Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Kraven the Hunter, Hobgoblin, and Scorpion) as a recurring side threat. Some of the nuances of individual scenarios include using a Bell Tower to deal extra damage to Venom, or trying to avoid civilian damage while facing Sandman.

One wrinkle in this boxed set is that the final boss of the campaign has yet to be revealed. Instead, Fantasy Flight Games left fans with a teaser that the final boss would”combine the abilities of two quintessential Spider-Man villains.”

As with other boxed Marvel Champions sets, Sinister Motives will come with two pre-made hero decks. This expansion will add both Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and Ghost-Spider to the mix. Morales has two built-in powers, a Venom Blast that stuns foes and a Camouflage ability that grants Morales the Tough condition. However, these powers can only be triggered through other cards, meaning that Morales will basically deal a combo of moves when these special abilities are triggered. Ghost-Spider is similarly built on stringing together combos, with an innate ability that allows her to re-ready herself whenever she uses an interrupt or response ability. Allies in the set include Silk, Monica Chang, and Agent 13. As with other Marvel Champions cards, the non-hero specific Hero deck cards can be used in other heroes’ decks, providing players with extra adaptability.


Marvel Champions: Sinister Motives will be released in Spring 2022, with four additional Hero Packs to follow.

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