Mario Kart 7 Fans Are Celebrating the Game’s 10th Anniversary

On December 1st, 2011, Mario Kart 7 debuted on Nintendo 3DS. Releasing just under a year into the lifespan of the handheld system, Mario Kart 7 was one of the first titles that truly showed what the 3DS was capable of. The game quickly gained a huge following, selling more than 18 million units, becoming the best-selling overall game on the system. Given the sheer number of units sold, it should come as little surprise that the 3DS game maintains a passionate fanbase. On the tenth anniversary, many fans took to social media to share their fondest memories of Mario Kart 7.

Interestingly enough, after all these years, it seems that Mario Kart 7 still has a pretty active online community. Obviously, the game probably doesn’t attract as many players as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe does, but it’s interesting to see how many people out there still enjoy it. It remains to be seen how long Nintendo will continue to support the game’s servers, but hopefully fans will be able to keep playing for many more years to come.

Keep reading to see what fans are saying about the 10th anniversary of Mario Kart 7!

Fans have a lot of great memories of Mario Kart 7.

Man, hearing that Mario Kart 7 is 10 years old, makes me feel old, and sad from nostalgia… Miss the days when me and my friends played it everyday ?

— Yeetis (KirbyHuff) (@YeetisK) December 2, 2021


Some spent a lot of time with the game!

happy birthday to mario kart 7.

the only mario kart game i sunk hundreds of hours into ?

— deems (@deemaytv) December 1, 2021


It was a nice thought, at least.

you know what would be great for celebrating mario kart 7’s anniversary? announcing mario kart 9….

— maDEMOman (@maDEMOman) December 1, 2021


Time is a wild thing.

mario kart 7 did NOT release a decade ago nope nope nope nope nope

— Rika ? (@sylviiietwt) December 1, 2021


A lot of those courses still hold up!

@dkvine @KRoolKountry Mario Kart 7 is officially 10 years old! (Has it REALLY been that long?!) When I saw that a “Donkey Kong Country Returns” course was gonna be in, that ALONE got me pre-ordering the game and getting it on launch. I was not even gonna wait until Christmas.?

— Always remember, have an open mind. (@FrankInglese28) December 1, 2021


The game still has a passionate following online…

Happy 10th birthday to Mario kart 7! Glad that it’s still going and really hyped to still be playing this game in 2021?

— Ros? (@RossMK8DX) December 1, 2021


…just make sure you know all the tricks before you compete!

Mario kart 7 is still a nostalgic 3ds game despite how much it changed from its predecesor mkwii. The online is alive and kicking. Never forget the infamous Maka Wuhu glitch that everyone abuses online. Its crazy too remember in online how players react trying to get the glitch.

— Yashi ?? (@ImperialYoshi) December 2, 2021


Okay, maybe it wasn’t that great.

Why are we celebrating Mario Kart 7? It didn’t have Waluigi

— Frankie (@thepowerplumber) December 1, 2021


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