MARCO SPEAKS SPIDEY- The Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1 REVIEW

The next Spider-Man movie is getting closer and closer, and the entire MCU fanbase is getting hyped and ready for the epic feature film. In my last review, I tackled how the latest Venom flick showed Eddie getting transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with him spotting Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker. And we all know by now from the various trailers that Peter Parker and Doctor Strange will have a very strong and close dynamic in the upcoming movie. In fact, they are the root of all problems, if early indications are to be believed. So, it is no secret that many readers and followers will be curious to see what this special issue has in store in terms of the relationship between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man. What hooked me right away regarding this book is that we get to see the bond that Ben is able to develop not only with Doctor Strange, but also with Black Cat. With Peter Parker out of action, the weight of the world rests on Ben’s shoulders, and this issue proves there is no better option right now.


This ain’t Ben Reilly’s first rodeo as Spider-Man, but he’s never had to deal with the death of the Sorcerer Supreme and what it does to New York City. Part of Strange’s will and testament was to ask Spidey to deal with particular problems… Is BEN up to it? Black Cat isn’t a big Ben fan, so is she riding shotgun because she owes Strange to keep an eye on Ben, or to sabotage Ben?!



  • The tension in this issue is thick as blood, and it’s not the good kind of tension that Peter and Black Cat usually have, if you know what I mean. Black Cat is truly going through her own panic and depression given Peter Parker’s current state, and she is lashing out at Ben, making him feel like an unworthy successor or substitute. But what is amazing about this installment is how their adventures together, and their collaboration as they cross out Doctor Strange’s to-do list, help them develop a mutual respect for each other. By the end of the special, Black Cat is able to finally come to terms with the current situation and is sincere enough to call Ben the true Spider-Man for now… which really gives Ben a huge boost in his ego. Well-deserved!
  • Simply put, it was very entertaining seeing Black Cat and Ben team up and work together accomplishing all the tasks that were given to them. The writing and the art successfully captured the action and the fun that doing such tasks involve… and yes, Ben has really got to get used to goblins, as suggested by Black Cat, if he wants to be able to call himself the main Spider-Man for now.
  • The issue does a great job as well in highlighting the importance and value of Doctor Strange, as Ben gives the story about the Village Doctor, who everybody does not appreciate fully, until he is gone and there is nobody to treat the village’s residents. With Doctor Strange gone, the entire universe is being tossed into chaos because there is nobody managing the magical and mystical side of things anymore. But the comic also stresses the importance of a Spider-Man being around to protect the world, as well.
  • That last joke by Ben about Black Cat only being concerned about getting Peter Parker IN bed, which was rudely interrupted by Black Cat herself, was savage. Well-played!


  • Even though this was a longer issue than usual, it still feels a bit cramped in terms of the action and story-telling, especially when it revolves around the numerous tasks given to Black Cat and Spider-Man. Each task could have actually been an issue in themselves, if the creative team really wanted it to be that way.


All in all, this was a delightful treat for Spider-Man and Doctor Strange fans. And, if you are a follower of Black Cat, you will not be disappointed at all. This was a good story to keep us satisfied until the next Spider-Man movie finally comes out.

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