Major McDonalds Character Returns for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade & Fans Are Loving It

A major McDonald’s character made a triumphant return to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this year – and fans are loving it! McDonald’s lovable purple monster, Grimace, was one of the characters included in McDonald’s 2021 Thanksgiving Day parade float – alongside his buddies Ronald McDonald and the Hamburgular. It’s been a lot of years since casual consumers have seen McDonald’s roll out Grimace and Hamburgular in a major way like this, and naturally, it’s stirring up all kinds of nostalgia, and even more jokes.

Check out what viewers are saying about the return of McDonald’s Grimace (and Hamburgular) below!

Where You Been?!?!

Hey @McDonalds who payed for Hamburgurlar’s parole? Haven’t seen him hit the streets in years. Where Barney’s love child Grimace been hiding? #MacysParade #macysthanksgivingparade

— Peter Barbounis???? (@PeteB973) November 25, 2021

Why HAS it been so long!?!?


The World Needs This!

Are they bringing back #Grimace? Please @McDonalds the world needs Grimace!! #MacysParade

— Ric Frederick (@Ricthescifinerd) November 25, 2021

People are seeing McDonald’s Grimace again and realizing they never knew how much they needed him.



Beware of the Grimace!

— Steven C (@Steven__000) November 25, 2021

Fans saw Grimace make his return and they lost their ever-loving minds!


Hamburgular Back Too!

The Hamburglar has joined Ronald McDonald and Grimace this year!

— Out Of Context Ronald McDonald (@McDonaldsOOC) November 25, 2021

Not to be left out, Hamburgular is getting a lot of love too.


Gotta Respect the McDedication

I watched the parade and thought to myself;

“Good on them for sticking by Ronald despite clowns not being popular since the 1930’s”

Not to mention Grimace; a husky purple piece of blubber representing a fast food chain that had documentaries made about their unhealthy food

— Josh K (@TheKotsabulous) November 25, 2021

McDonald’s is more dedicated to its brand than most. Times don’t change everything…


Wished I’d Seen It…

Kinda wish I watched the Thanksgiving day parade to see Grimace finally released from cryostasis.

— Steve Tyminski(Chichuki,I’ll draw something 4 ya) (@TumsST) November 25, 2021

People who didn’t watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade live are now experiencing big regrets after looking at social media.


What Is Grimace? Explained…

Friendly reminder that Grimace from McDonalds Happy Meals is a giant tastebud.

— brock bruce (@pastor_brock) November 25, 2021

Did you know this? Because we were today-years-old when we learned this!


{replyCount}commentsGonna Need That Backstory…

Here I am 40 years later still waiting on @McDonalds to provide me the backstory to The Hamburgler and Grimace.

— Brian Bowman (@DBrianBowman) November 25, 2021



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