Laurence Fishburne Cryptically Addresses a Marvel Cinematic Universe Return

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans were excited to see Laurence Fishburne debut in the franchise as Bill Foster for Ant-Man and The Wasp, not only due to him being a talented performer, but also because fans know that character as the super-powered Goliath in comic books. Audiences didn’t get to see the actor become the massive figure in the film, and with no hints of Fishburne returning to the franchise in the three years since his debut, fans have wondered if he would ever make a return, though don’t expect any answers from Fishburne about his character’s future. Fishburne can next be seen in MacGruber when it premieres on Peacock on December 16th.

When asked by about whether we could expect to see Foster again, Fishburne replied, “What if I told you I don’t know? I don’t know.”

Sadly, this doesn’t shed much insight into what to expect for Foster’s future, as there was no indication as to whether Fishburne was merely playing coy or if he’s genuinely unaware of such a return.

In addition to the Ant-Man sequel featuring the debut of Foster, it also saw the debut of Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost. Earlier this month, John-Kamen addressed Ghost’s fate, noting to The Hollywood Reporter, “She’s good. She’s very good. I won’t say anything more about her!”

This past summer, Bobby Cannavale, who appeared in both Ant-Man films, admitted he was similarly in the dark about his future with the MCU, as he confirmed to, “I’m still checking my emails. I know they started shooting so it doesn’t look good for Paxton. There’s a part of me that thinks I’m not in this one because they’ve got something bigger coming up.”

The sprawling nature of the franchise means that, even if we won’t be seeing Foster in a film anytime soon, there are also a number of small-screen opportunities that could feature the character, even in a minimal capacity. Similarly, with the MCU moving forward into Phase Four, there are opportunities to highlight the character more strongly further down the line, or the series could potentially be putting the character in the rearview to focus on emerging heroes.

Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania is currently set to hit theaters on July 28, 2023.


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