Krampus Director Confirms Iconic Horror Homes Appear as Easter Eggs

Filmmaker Michael Dougherty is a passionate horror fan, which is evident not only in the movies he delivers, but also in the ways he pays tribute to the genre with Easter eggs and references to other corners of the horror world. In a new featurette for his holiday-themed horror movie Krampus, for example, the director points out that, while most of the film unfolds in one home, sequences that required him to craft an entire neighborhood allowed him the opportunity to digitally recreate iconic homes from other horror films, such as the Michael Myers home from the Halloween franchise. Learn more about those Easter eggs below and grab “The Naughty Cut” of Krampus on December 7th.

“The story takes place in a fictional town in Ohio and since we had to design the entire neighborhood for various wide shots, where there’s a sequence where Krampus is running across the rooftops chasing Beth, since we had to go through the trouble of constructing all these digital houses, I thought, ‘Why not slip in a few iconic houses from some of my favorite films?'” Dougherty details in the featurette. “I don’t think I can say what they are, necessarily, but if eagle-eyed viewers wanted to take the time and go through and play that game and solve the riddle, they’ll probably recognize more than a handful of the houses.”

By noting that he doesn’t think he can say which houses, it’s likely due to issues regarding those specific franchises and were he to point out those references, it could complicate rights issues with the film.

The upcoming home video release is described, “For the first time ever, the original cut of Krampus for those who are naughty, not nice! When his dysfunctional family clashes over the holidays, young Max is disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas. Little does he know, this lack of festive spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers. All hell breaks loose as beloved holiday icons take on a monstrous life of their own, laying siege to the fractured family’s home and forcing them to fight for each other if they hope to survive. Featuring an ensemble cast that includes Adam Scott (Parks And Recreation), Toni Collette (Hereditary), Allison Tolman (Fargo), and David Koechner (Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy), this is a wonderfully dark and subversive ‘must-see film’ (! Krampus: The Naughty Cut restores key dialogue and scenes that had to be trimmed from the original theatrical release in order to appease the MPAA. Supervised by filmmaker Michael Dougherty, this is the definitive version of the holiday cult classic for the entire family to enjoy.”

Special features on the “Naughty Cut” of Krampus are as follows:

Disc 1 (UHD):

  • The Naughty Cut with additional scenes and adult language that were previously cut for the PG-13 theatrical version [NEW]
  • Dolby Atmos track [NEW]
  • Audio Commentary with director/co-writer Michael Dougherty and co-writers Todd Casey and Zach Shields


Disc 2 (Blu-Ray):

  • The Naughty Cut with additional scenes and adult language cut to get a PG-13 rating [NEW]
  • Dolby Atmos track [NEW]
  • A Dash of Mischief – an interview with director/co-writer Michael Dougherty [NEW]
  • Storm of the Centuries – an interview with producer Todd Casey [NEW]
  • The Great Protector – an interview with actor David Koechner [NEW]
  • Something Bad Happened on Christmas – an interview with actress Allison Tolman [NEW]
  • Max’s Journey – an interview with actor Emjay Anthony [NEW]
  • Lord of the Things – an interview with WETA’s Richard Taylor [NEW]
  • Mapping Mythology – an interview with storyboard artist Simeon Wilkins [NEW]
  • I, Krampus – an interview with performer Luke Hawker [NEW]
  • A Winter Chorus – an interview with composer Douglas Pipes [NEW]
  • Audio Commentary with director/co-writer Michael Dougherty and co-writers Todd Casey and Zach Shields
  • Krampus Comes Alive! – a five-part featurette on the making of the film
  • Behind-the-Scenes at Weta Workshop: Krampus
  • Deleted/Extended Scenes, not seen in the theatrical cut
  • Gag Reel
  • Alternate Ending
  • Theatrical Trailers
  • Photo Galleries – creature art, storyboards, and more

You can pre-order your copy of Krampus from Scream Factory now before it hits shelves on December 7th.

Will you be adding the film to your collection? Let us know in the comments below or contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk all things horror and Star Wars!

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