Kevin Smith Reviews Marvel’s Hawkeye: “It’s Like a Cup of Cocoa”

Kevin Smith thinks Marvel’s Hawkeye is a wonderful cup of cocoa. He talked about the Disney+ series with Marc Bernardin on Fatman Beyond recently. During their discussion of the series, they cover Echo being positioned as a villain and the looming Kingpin question. But, the biggest draw to both hosts was the warm tone of the show so far. Both Kate Bishop and Clint Barton get some shine. (Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld are both in their bags for Hawkeye and fans have noticed.) Also, a major part of the show’s aesthetic is that Christmas in NYC setting. The snowdrifts and the trees decorated around the city, it’s just kind of cozy in a way. Smith clearly appreciated it. Bernardin actually brought up an excellent point in his read of the Disney+ original as well. There’s a bit of comfort in the lower stakes afforded to Clint and Kate trying to clear their names when contrasted against the dramatic scale of Eternals. Check out what Smith had to say down below.

“How adorable is this show? It’s like a cup of cocoa,” Smith joked. “Somehow they made a one-eyed dog work. I don’t feel bad for him at all. He’s got friends now and he likes pizza! Just like me.”

“She is wonderful,” he continued. “I loved her since the Coen brothers movie, True Grit. She’s so amazing in that. Of course, we know her as Spider-Gwen. She’s on that show on Apple that I’ve never watched, but a lot of people seem to like. The Emily Dickinson one. She was electric in this show. Just wonderful. Vibrant. So much so that, nothing against Renner, because he just played Renner, if he didn’t show up to the party it’s still a show with her.”

Recently, Echo actor Alaqua Cox spoke with D23 Magazine about how easy her co-stars made this for her.

“It was such an honor to work with them both. I think they are spectacular actors, and I have learned a lot from watching them work behind the scenes… I remember meeting Jeremy on my first day of work on-set; I was a nervous wreck, as this was my very first acting job. He then complimented me in American Sign Language (ASL), which comforted me,” Cox told the outlet. “Hailee also spelled out her name to me in ASL at the studio where we were doing our stunt training sessions. I thought it was sweet of them putting in efforts to learn basic ASL to communicate with me. It means a lot to me as a Deaf person.”


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