Kevin Smith Reveals Who His Favorite Spider-Man Actor Is

It’s an argument that has no end in sight, especially if rumors for the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home end up panning out like some fans hope, which is your favorite Spider-Man? Each generation over the past twenty years has gotten their own live-action, big screen version of Spider-Man. Ever the man to voice an opinion on comic books and geek media, filmmaker Kevin Smith has thrown his hat in the ring and proclaimed which of the three live-action Spider-Man is his favorite. Speaking on the latest FatMan Beyond Live podcast about rumors of future Spider-Man movies with Tom Holland in the role, Smith jokingly pushed aside worries that Holland may no longer want to play the part in the future.

“I don’t give a sh-t, keep makin’ ’em. Make me f-cking happy, it ain’t hard,” Smith said with a deadpan quality, eliciting laughter from the audience. “He’s just so- It’s high praise because the kid’s so good at it. He’s been my favorite Spider-Man….I can’t imagine they’re like, ‘Please, play Spider-Man for a cut rate,’ especially when they’re like ‘Please, do three more. Please keep playing this part in all these years you could be doing other things and what not. Give us the best years of your life to play Spider-Man.’ That’s the kind of position an agent is like ‘All right, pay him $20 million per, plus a big percentage.'”

When Smiths’ co-host Marc Bernardin brought up some of the reasons Holland may not want to keep playing Spider-Man, something that the actor himself has brought up before in interviews, Smith agreed but still didn’t want to let him go (again, tongue firmly in cheek).

“He does have to work out and stay in shape all the time….I guess there’s the down side. You always think ‘aw there’s the money and you get to play Spider-Man,’ but the notion of like you gotta work out so f-ckin’ hard….I’m not thinking about what he wants, I’m thinking about what I want. I want him to keep playing Spider-Man.”

Luckily for Smith, Holland will be Spider-Man for at least one more movie and potentially three more. Franchise producer Amy Pascal previously said another trilogy of films with Holland are in the works between Sony and Marvel studios.


Spider-Man: No Way Home will debut in theaters on

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