Kevin Smith Has Ideas for Future Masters of the Universe: Revelation Episodes

Kevin Smith revealed that he has some ideas for potential new episodes of Masters of the Universe: Revelation should the series get picked up for a new season! Following the release of the first half of its episodes earlier this year, the series finally debuted the final half of its debut season last month. These new episodes were an even bigger hit with fans than the first half, and it brought Kevin Smith, Netflix, and Mattel Television’s new vision of the classic He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animated series to an end. But it was clear by its final moments that there were many stories left to tell.

The final moments of the debut season dropped some curious teases for the potential future of the series, but one has yet to be officially confirmed by Netflix as of this writing. Opening up about the release of the new episodes in a recent live episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast, Kevin Smith revealed that he’s got some more ideas in the pipeline should the series receive enough support from fans and Netflix to pick up a full second season of the series, noting that he really hopes he gets the chance.

masters-of-the-universe-revelation-part-2-skelegod.jpg(Photo: Netflix)

“We are in a place now where we get to figure out if we get to go again…” Smith began. “Based on the first round of episodes, things were looking very positive. Hopefully, based on dropping Part 2 and how many people finished the whole thing…if that’s all positive, if we reached what they call ‘efficiency’ then we might get to do it again,” Smith explained before telling fans about potential future seasons, “Fingers crossed, so watch the sh– out of it if you want to see more. That’s how we get to do it again. I hope we get to do it again. It’d be so good to do it again cause I got ideas.

It’s clear by Smith’s excitement about the release of the series that he does have plans for more episodes in the future, but that will be on Netflix and Mattel Television to make that happen for sure. Fans of the series responded much better to the second half than the first, but we won’t know one way or the other until Netflix reveals themselves that a second season of the series is on the way.


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