Jolly Green Giant Goes Viral As Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Viewers Find Him Terrifying And Hot

It’s not a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade until the fans are thirsting after the Jolly Green Giant. 2021 continues it’s weird onslaught with the popular produce mascot appearing in the yearly tradition. He rolled right into America’s living rooms this week, and it seems some of the viewers might have had an awakening of some sort. Check out social media right now and you will see a bunch of frankly thirsty posts about the strapping tall green gentleman hawking green beans and other produce. This is something of a yearly tradition at this point. So, you can go ahead and get your giggles in before the turkey puts everyone to bed later this afternoon. However, Green Giant is also doing something to try and help hungry kids in America. They’re selling ugly christmas sweaters with the giant on them to benefit No Kid Hungry. Check out what they had to say about that effort down below:

“Green Giant vegetables have been a staple casserole ingredient in American households for generations and this Thanksgiving we wanted to bring the beloved veggie side dishes to center stage,” Jordan Greenberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, B&G Foods said in a press release. “We are quite literally giving Americans the opportunity to wear their love of all things casserole on their sleeves, and using this timely, together-at-the-table moment to support the important work being done by No Kid Hungry.”

Um, you guys, the Jolly Green Giant can get it

— ?Sylvia Spaghettios? (@Sylghettios) November 25, 2021

Do you think the Jolly Green Giant is hot? Let us know in the comments! Check out the best Tweets down below:

Who even knows

Why did they twunkify the Jolly Green Giant

— Cody TD Stan (@OyeWacko) November 25, 2021


It’s perfectly alright

Why is the Jolly Green Giant making me question my sexuality? #MacysParade

— Patrick (He/Him) (@TheRealPatOtero) November 25, 2021


I laughed way too hard

The Jolly Green Giant looks like he is offering us all a green bean in these trying times

— DH3 (@ItsTheBoat) November 25, 2021


The glo-up is real

The Jolly Green Giant sure received a glow-up #MacysParade

— Jill ????? (@jsellenbecker) November 25, 2021


But seriously though

Me when I saw the Jolly Green Giant’s new look.

— Attachment: 1 Video (@bruce__kush) November 25, 2021



Omg they yassified the jolly green giant #MacysParade

— DEV (@devmeenagh) November 25, 2021


Bold take

There is no hotter fictional vegetable spokesman than the Jolly Green Giant. #MacysParade

— RJ City (@RJCity1) November 25, 2021



If he stands up, you’d see why they call him the Jolly Green Giant. #MacysParade

— Schmidtmas ?? (@Mrfurious32821) November 25, 2021


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