JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Had a Huge Opening Week on Netflix

Netflix has gone all-in when it comes to the world of anime, not just with anime exclusives such as Baki Hanma and Beastars, but with live-action adaptations of anime series including the likes of Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, and Yu Yu Hakusho to name a few. With the arrival of Stone Ocean, the streaming service is currently the exclusive place to catch the story of the Joestars with all seasons now on the platform, and it seems that the story of Jolyne Cujoh has been wildly successful during its first weekend on Netflix.

According to Netflix’s Official Website, Stone Ocean has had fans of Stands and anime watching the series for over 13.98 million hours, making it quite the arrival for an anime series, and putting it within swinging distance of the likes of Hellbound and Squid Game to name a few. Though only the first twelve episodes of the series have hit Netflix so far, fans can definitely expect more in the future to arrive to continue telling the tale of the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, though the streaming service has been tight-lipped with regards to when fans can expect the Stone Ocean’s story to continue.

In Japan, the anime will be hitting the airwaves on networks such as Tokyo MX, MBS, and BS11 starting in January of 2022, releasing on a weekly schedule that fans are more accustomed to when it comes to the animated adventures of the Joestars that have been adapted by David Production to this day.

When Stone Ocean comes to a close, there are still two entries that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s anime have yet to adapt via Steelball Run and JoJolion respectively. While these individual entries are two of the wildest stories of the franchise to date, they also leave behind the reality of Stone Ocean, and the prior five parts of the series, and explore a new dimension that introduces new characters and a brand new world of Stand battles to fans. While David Production has yet to confirm whether they’ll return for these upcoming entries, the popularity of Stone Ocean certainly is good news for those crossing their fingers that the animation studio will return.

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