Johnny Gargano Reportedly Leaving WWE, Free Agent Starting Tomorrow

There were some fans holding out hope that Johnny Gargano would possibly re-sign with WWE after his goodbye promo in NXT this week, but according to a new report from Fightful Select, that looks to not be the case. According to the report, Gargano will now officially become a free agent at midnight, and he will not sign a new deal before that time. He’ll be free to work anywhere he wants since there is no non-compete attached to it, and though we don’t know where he’ll sign next, we do know that WWE attempted to sign him multiple times.

According to the report, some knew of his contract expiring around a year ago, and WWE made several attempts to sign him over the past few weeks as well. Gargano didn’t sign a new deal when other top NXT names did in 2019, and several people within NXT said there was not sufficient incentive for those stars to make a deal.

In October WWE reached out to Gargano to see if he was interested in a new deal, and it was said to be “much better” than the previous deal.

Sources say that the split between Gargano and WWE was “incredibly amicable”, and the door is still open for them to work together in the future. People of influence have also said they are still hopeful that Gargano returns to WWE. The report also says that he was given a “reasonable overrun” in his farewell promo, which he mentioned during it, and people were happy with how Grayson Waller’s attack came across on television.


During that promo Gargano left fans and those in the crowd with a message, saying “If there’s one message I want to leave for you guys, is you will never fail if you bet on yourself. And I don’t know what my immediate future holds, that’s up in the air now still, I may do some things here and there, but I do know one thing for sure, but in February, I’m going to start the most important job of my life, because I’m going to be a dad. He’s going to watch this back one day and thank you all, but I’m so excited for that, because I’m going to love that little guy so much, but right now the most important thing for me is to worry about Candice, and show my son he can be the best man he can be.”

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