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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wastelanders: Wolverine #1, now on sale

Across the Marvel multiverse, various incarnations of Tony Stark are revealed to have constructed plenty of impressive armors — with some even capable of holding their own against cosmic forces like the Celestials. But one dark variant of a classic Marvel hero constructed perhaps the single most dangerous Iron Man armor of all, which only had one real exploitable weakness.

The Hulk of the Old Man Logan universe is revealed to have constructed his own nigh-indestructible Iron Man armor in Wastelanders: Wolverine #1 (by Steven S. DeKnight, Ibrahim Moustafa, Neeraj Menon & VC’s Cory Petit) which, due to his specific design and power source, could be one of the most powerful Iron Man armors in the entire Marvel multiverse.

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Wastelanders: Wolverine #1 focuses on the original Old Man Logan’s travels across the ruins of his world after the events of the Old Man Logan miniseries. Taking care of the infant Hulk he spared during his slaughter of the Hulk Gang, Logan is caught by surprise when it turns out he’s being followed by a massive custom Iron Man armor. Wolverine does his best to fight back but is quickly knocked around by the armor’s pilot: the demented Bruce Banner of this reality. He somehow survived Wolverine hacking him to pieces albeit just as a severed head attached to the armor. It turns out Banner had long been prepared for a battle that took such a violent turn, having collaborated with the Tinkerer years earlier to construct an Iron Man armor entirely out of Adamantium that could be a new body.

As a result of the adamantium used for the armor, this version of the Iron Man suit is strong enough to simply repel every slash from Wolverine’s claws, giving Banner the chance to punch Logan around with ease. The only way Logan is even able to slash at the armor and do any real damage is to target the joints, which due to their necessary mobility are less protected. But even that did little to slow this Iron Hulk down, especially when he reveals perhaps the most dangerous aspect of the suit is the power source. Instead of relying on an Arc Reactor or some form of electricity to fuel the suit, it turns out the armor is powered entirely by gamma energy — meaning Banner himself is the perfect living battery. As his increased rage produces more and more gamma energy for the suit to rely on.

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It’s a horrifying discovery, as the armor is also massive compared to other Iron Man armors — meaning the Hulk’s more or less replaced his original body with an almost indestructible one that could survive punishment even his original massive frame couldn’t. What it lacks in clear maneuverability it more than makes up for in sheer durability, as the adamantium casing makes it largely unaffected by most forms of attack. It might even be capable of traditional flight or increased speed — it’s just that Banner didn’t need to showcase those attributes to murder Logan. Luckily, a surprise attack by the infant Banner — transformed into a Hulk himself — knocked Bruce Banner’s head loose of the mechanism. This shut down the armor and allowed Wolverine to bury the head of the still-alive Banner.

In theory, a Hulk-powered adamantium Iron Man armor should be one of the Marvel multiverse’s single most dangerous versions of the Iron Man suit. If the Hulk had been fully in the armor instead of just being a more easily removed head, then he could have made it even more powerful from all the gamma energy radiating out of his body and likely wiped out anyone else on the planet foolish enough to confront him in a fight. It’s a good thing Logan had the infant Banner on his side, as without him the Iron Hulk might have been strong enough to more or less take over the world and spread his brutal worldview across the planet. But this means the armor likely still exists, waiting for another gamma-powered being to find it and become the Wasteland’s most powerful force.

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