InterPop Comics’ The Nine #3 Heads to the Past in New Preview (Exclusive)

InterPop Comics is heading back in time and revealing several secrets in the third issue of its new series The Nine, which takes place in its Emergents universe, and those who have wondered about the event that set Professor Helios and his son Phaeton on their tragic paths will get some welcome answers here. Even better is that the issue weaves in the vote from the fans regarding how Phaeton discovers their powers, and those who purchase the issue will get to participate in a vote as well, one that InterPop is calling “the most impactful vote in the Emergents Universe to date”, and it will have cosmic implications. You can check out an exclusive preview of the issue starting on the next slide, and you can pick up the issue right here.

“Writing an issue like THE NINE #3 is a rewarding experience, and a real blast besides. You spend time carefully putting all the pieces in place, then with an issue like this, you get to go back, pull back the curtain on the characters a bit and re-examine everything from a slightly different angle,” said writer Will Pfeifer. “But this time around, you’re able to deliver an emotional punch that’s powered by all the elements we’ve been putting into place, and if it works as intended, it really pays off. I think that’s what we’ve accomplished in this issue – by the last page, the readers will have felt the impact.

You can find the official description for The Nine #3 below.

“Take a tumultuous journey through time in THE NINE #3! Professor Helios has hidden his tormented secrets regarding the loss of his son, Phaeton, for far too long. But now the truth has to come out. With Time Blotter as your guide, get ready to see Phaeton discover his powers at his prom — as chosen by your votes! — and the chaos that followed afterward. The war between father and son tore them apart and led to a tragic destiny. And what role did the mysterious and powerful Zeroth play in all this drama? No one is ready for the shocking secret he’s been hiding since the Emergents hit Culverton!

Written by the wonderful Will Pfeifer, and drawn by the sterling Steve Ellis, THE NINE #3 features amazing guest artists Cliff Richards, Adrian Guti?rrez, Scott McDaniel, and Mick Gray, bringing this powerful story to life along with the talents of colorist Chris Sotomayor and letterer Carlos Mangual!

And the tragedy of Phaeton and Helios is captured in the amazing variant covers by Miguel Sepuldeva and Alex Sinclair, Scott McDaniel and Hi-Fi, and Sami Basri and Ulises Arreola! THE NINE #3 finally answers everyone’s most burning question: what REALLY happened to Phaeton? Available for purchase on 11/24 and to read for free starting 12/1 at You dare not miss it!”

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Main Cover By Steve Ellis the-nine-3-main-cover-steve-ellis-trade-dress.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
Variant Cover By Miguel Sepulveda the-nine-3-variant-cover-miguel-sepulveda-and-alex-sinclair-trade-dress.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
Variant Cover By Sami Basri and Ulises Arreola the-nine-3-variant-cover-sami-basri-and-ulises-arreola-trade-dress.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
Variant Covery By Scott McDaniel and Hi-Fi the-nine-3-variant-cover-scott-mcdaniel-and-hi-fi-trade-dress.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
Adjusting Expectations the-nine-3-page-1.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
Bigger Problems the-nine-3-page-2.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
The Teen Years the-nine-3-page-3.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
Set Off the-nine-3-page-4.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prevnext
A Cool Down the-nine-3-page-5.jpg(Photo: InterPop Comics)prev

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