Huge PS5 Restock at Amazon Leaves Customers Furious

A substantial new restock of the PlayStation 5 took place at Amazon today. This restock was one that customers were told about ahead of time and specifically involved the Digital Edition of the PS5. And while the PS5 itself has been available for nearly 18 months at this point in time, that hasn’t prevented Sony‘s latest console from being any less difficult to acquire.

Not long after today’s PS5 restock at Amazon kicked off, social media began to fill up with impressions from customers who were trying to secure the hardware for themselves. Sadly, despite Amazon having so many PS5 consoles to sell in this restock, the purchasing process for many still resulted in a complete mess. A number of customers reported that Amazon’s landing page for the PS5 quickly crashed once the restock, which led to them being unable to add the console to their cart.

Perhaps the worst thing that happened to a number of people, though, is that Amazon was removing the PS5 from the carts of those who were able to add it. This error seemingly transpired because so many people were trying to buy the PS5 at once. Still, a vast number of customers were furious that the PS5 was vanishing from their carts even after they had thought that they were nearing the end of the buying process.

Did you try to buy the PS5 for yourself today in this new restock at Amazon? If so, what was your own experience like? Let me know down in the comments or reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

And if you’d like to see how this PS5 restock at Amazon went down for a number of customers today, keep reading on down below to see some of the reactions.

Returning to Twitter to Drag Amazon

I haven’t posted on Twitter in years, but just wanted to let @amazon know that PS5 Restock was absolutely atrocious. Y’all ought to be ashamed.

— Ben Johnson (@JOHNSONBURGER) March 30, 2022


How Is This Still a Problem?

It should not still be this hard to get a ps5 @Sony @amazon

— Dayabettica Stan Account (@BigFellaBell) March 30, 2022


April Fools’ Day Came Early

@amazon I see you got your April fool’s in early this year with that joke of a PS5 drop ?

— Greg Carroll (@awesomenough) March 30, 2022


Prime Members Can’t Even Gain Access

@amazon You should be ashamed of yourselves. Saying PS5 will be available for Prime members then not letting it go available unless you know a secret way to get into your cart. then when i did get into cart your page would error out! this is how you treat your prime members?

— NickAKATidus (@AkaTidus) March 30, 2022


Don’t Lose Hope

I was unsuccessful with this morning’s Amazon PS5 restock…. Will my day ever come?

— ? Sadakoko ? (@KOKOvision) March 30, 2022


Buying a PS5 Is Still Way Too Hard

The @Sony PS5 was released in Nov/2020. The closest I’ve ever gotten to actually purchasing one at MSRP, however, was today via @amazon Prime. In my goddamn cart and then suddenly gone again.

Between this & @BestBuy adding $200 for exclusive access, it’s just continual bullshit.

— rayskwire (@rayskwire) March 30, 2022


The Dogs Return

PS5 went for sale on Amazon and of course this happens

— tae kim (@firstadopter) March 30, 2022


Bots Continue to Cause Problems

WTF @amazon what even was that ?! That was BS with that Ps5 drop. Shame on both bots and Amazon.

— April Hendrickson (@AprilHe90479124) March 30, 2022


Another Nightmare

Well that Amazon PS5 Restock was a nightmare.

— Arzenel (@ArzenelFN) March 30, 2022


So Close, Yet So Far

@amazon Had a PS5 in my cart and hit checkout and it crashed on me, smh.

— Duane Hamlin (@Grind_Hard_223) March 30, 2022


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