How to Watch Spider-Man: No Way Home Premiere Event

After months of rumors, leaks, and fan theories, Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally arrived. The long-awaited Spider-Man sequel isn’t hitting theaters around the country until Friday, December 17th, but Monday brings the first full screening of the film during its world premiere in Los Angeles. Those involved with the film will be attending, along with members of the press and other special guests, but everyone is going to be able to watch it live.

While not everyone gets to attend the red carpet event for Spider-Man: No Way Home’s premiere, it will be available online for free to fans to watch. The entire red carpet event is actually being streamed live by TikTok, so you’ll have to head to the company’s official TikTok account here to check it out.

The red carpet event will begin at 5:50 pm PT, or 8:50 pm on the East Coast. The stream will be hosted by content creators and feature the arrival of Spider-Man’s biggest stars. Additionally, the content platform will be rolling out several Spider-Man-themed creator tools over the course of the week.

One of the stars attending the event is none other than Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland. No Way Home will be Holland’s third solo Spidey film and sixth time portraying the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A lot has changed for the young actor since he first took on the iconic role in 2016.

“I’ve grown and changed in the best ways possible. I really learned how to stand up for myself. When you first start making these films, you’ve got to do as you’re told, and you don’t think anything of it,” Holland told Total Film. “But as time goes on you realize that you’re an actor in your film, and you need to protect yourself. Sometimes I’ll say ‘No’ as a full sentence. I’ve learned how to stand up for myself , how to behave in a professional capacity when you’re the leader. I’ve learned how to enjoy my fame, rather than run away from it”


“It’s been an amazing experience,” he continued. “And as an actor, I’ve found so much confidence in my ability, through having this safety blanket that is Spider-Man. It’s like a playground for me. Somewhere I can play freely, and make mistakes. And sometimes those mistakes are the birth of the best idea, and that’s where the character’s growing from.”

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