How the Chucky Season Finale Sets up Season Two

The Chucky TV series has officially closed out its first season and with it immediately set up its next chapter in the long-running killer doll franchise. Since 1988’s Child’s Play this franchise has been going almost non-stop, even while an attempted reboot nearly derailed everything, and though this is his first foray into TV it may not be his last. Series creator Don Mancini clearly has a big plan for what will happen next as you’ll find out below, and since the series has already been renewed we’ll actually get to see it play out. It goes without saying but Spoilers follow for the entire first season of Chucky!

With Chucky the first half of the series was largely about setting up new characters, introducing this new town, and exploring the backstory of Charles Lee Ray; and the second half of the series brought back the legacy characters from the feature films and continued the open plot threads from 2017’s Cult of Chucky. Chucky’s finale converges all these things together and sets the stage for the next story which has multiple branches going in several directions. For starters, the finale reveals that Chucky and Tiffany’s big plan tied back into the voodoo power of Damballa, the entity that Chucky used to put himself in the Good Guy doll back in the original Child’s Play. By corrupting an innocent and getting them to kill people, Chucky was able to split himself further into multiple bodies, collecting an army of 70+ Good Guy Dolls all possessed by Chucky.

The collection of Good Guy Dolls are masked as a gift from Jennifer Tilly (possessed by Tiffany), with the promise of each being sent to a different sick child in hospitals around the country. Rather than the delivery guy hired by Jennifer Tilly/Tiffany, original Child’s Play hero Andy Barclay steals the truck of dolls and drives off into the dark. Just when it seems like he’s about to get away though, none other than the doll version of Tiffany (a copy of her previously seen at the end of Cult of Chucky) emerges from the back and points a gun at Andy, telling him to just drive, their destination unknown.

Elsewhere Jennifer Tilly/Tiffany has returned to the safehouse that she and Nica/Chucky had been hiding in for the first part of the series. Knowing that Nica is still partially possessed by Chucky though, Tiffany has removed Nica’s arms and legs, leaving her without a means to walk, move, or fight back. Nica herself reacts in horror, Chucky seemingly buried deep within her psyche.

Finally, back in Hackensack, Jake, Devon, and Lexy pay their respects to Logan, Bree, and Junior, all of whom were killed by Chucky within the last few episodes of the show. They reflect on how they’re the only ones that know what really happened, how Chucky was the one behind it all, but also how they’re stronger working together. As they embrace, a gloved hand clutches a tree nearby and watches them. Who it belongs to remains a mystery.


That’s not all actually as the series cuts at that moment to one last scene, one where Chucky himself breaks the fourth wall and address the camera and audience. In the scene Chucky recaps all of the people he killed in the series (it was 21 for Chucky himself) and then posits the question of what happens with Andy, Nica, and the truck of Chuckys. It’s a story for another day.

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