How My Hero Academia Fooled Fans with a Clever Bait-and-Switch

My Hero Academia has put a lot of focus on its upcoming war and for good reason. As the series explores its final phase, there is a lot to do, and taking down the villains is our heroes’ top goal. Of course, that is made harder thanks to U.A. High School’s traitor, and My Hero Academia had fans fooled about the spy thanks to a clever bait-and-switch.

The whole thing went down over the past two weeks, and fans admit creator Kohei Horikoshi got them with the twist. It all began when All For One told his lackeys he had some friends, and the scene immediately swapped to a familiar face. A cliffhanger left off with Hagakure as the prime suspect, and My Hero Academia fans ran with the surprise.

Of course, plenty of fans were stunned by Hagakure’s appearance as she was not high on the list of likely traitors. Some even grew attached to the idea before My Hero Academia pulled the rug from underneath them. The manga’s most recent chapter revealed Aoyama is the real traitor, and Hagakure is the one who learned his secret before passing it on to the rest.

Now, if you have been with the fandom for a while, you will know Aoyama has been a prime suspect this whole time. Horikoshi has laid the seeds for Aoyama’s betrayal while juggling the hero’s innocence. Now, Izuku is left to deal with the revelation, and fans are still dealing with whiplash from the bait-and-switch.

The clever announcement shows Horikoshi is thinking hard about plot points, and fans are always glad to see as much. The question remains whether Aoyama can redeem himself despite his actions. Given Izuku’s track record, fans can see him forgiving Aoyama since he understands how hard it is to be quirkless. And sadly, not everyone can be saved by All Might in such a situation.


What do you think about My Hero Academia’s fakeout? Do you think it is hiding anymore secrets for Aoyama? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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