How Hawkeye Could Lead to Elektra and The Hand

Hawkeye is officially halfway through, and the latest episode of the Disney+ series ended up as the show’s largest yet. Not only did the show set up a massive showdown between the lead duo and the world of organized crime within New York City, but it also included a potential cameo the internet can’t stop talking about.

It’s through the latter cameo that could end up blowing the lid off the world of street-level Marvel characters.

By now, it’s a common theory Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Hawkeye. The show even went so long as to tease him in “Echoes,” the third episode of the series. As we see here, a young Echo is being trained at what appears to be a regular ol’ dojo. It’s quickly apparent she’s arguably the best-trained student in the entire place.

But how did she get to that place? Sure, a character like Wilson Fisk has all of the resources in the world and could hire virtually anyone to train her–but what if he went with a character most Marvel fans are aching to see return anyways?

For the sake of a theory, let’s say he hired someone like Elektra. That would gie Marvel even more connective tissue that would further flesh out the street-level corner of the MCU.

How do we get there, though? We go through the Tracksuit Mafia. If Fisk does, in fact, turn out to be the “Uncle” reference in Hawkeye Episode Three, there’s not a chance in Hell a character such as himself would simply oversee a group of bumbling idiots like what we’ve seen from the group in the show. Again for theory’s sake, let’s say the Tracksuit Mafia is larger than just what we’ve seen.

Let’s say the Tracksuit Mafia is part of The Hand–are you interested now?

Similar to how the Skrulls managed to infiltrate all sorts of things in Secret Invasion, The Hand has a similar modus operandi–except they use ninjas instead of aliens. It’d make sense for a group like The Hand–a criminal organization that rules the seediest of underbellies in the universe–to have a public-facing group come off as the Tracksuit Mafia does in the series. Something about plausible deniability, right?

The first three episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.

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