Horizon Forbidden West Trailer Shows Gameplay from Base PS4


Those waiting for the release of Horizon Forbidden West have already seen more than a few times what the game looks like running on a PlayStation 5, and not too long ago, we got to see what it’d look like one step down the console ladder on a PlayStation 4 Pro. Just ahead of its release, Sony showed off this week the new game running on the base PlayStation 4. The gameplay is exceptionally brief compared to some of the other segments we’ve seen on newer platforms, but it should at least give PlayStation 4 owners who haven’t upgraded some reassurance of howe the game will play.

The brief, unlisted trailer below shows about 22 seconds of the Horizon Forbidden West game running on a PlayStation 4. YouTube’s probably not doing the video any favors as far as the quality goes, but overall, it looks better than some might’ve expected it to look seeing how it’s a game that’s being made for the PlayStation 5 but also the older consoles that get even older with every new release.

Horizon Forbidden West itself has gone gold now which means that things are starting to wrap up and that it’s now for sure on schedule for its release this month. Angie Smets, the studio director and executive producer at Guerrilla Games who’s working on Horizon Forbidden West, confirmed that it’d gone gold back when the PlayStation 4 Pro footage was released.

“We have some exciting news for you all: we are thrilled to announce that Horizon Forbidden West has gone Gold!” Smets said. “This means we are all set to start printing and distributing the game, ready for you to experience Aloy’s journey into the Forbidden West for yourselves in less than a month. I want to take this opportunity to congratulate everyone on the team for what we have achieved together and the community for their continued support and excitement as we’re preparing for launch.”

Since then, we’ve gotten another trailer or two, some more details about the game, and even some crossovers with other PlayStation properties. People have also determined that there’s a way you can get the PlayStation 5 version for a bit less than the listed price, but only if you purchase this PlayStation 4 version first and plan to grab the free upgrade when it’s available after release.


Horizon Forbidden West releases for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 18th.

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