Hawkeye: The Internet Can’t Get Enough of the Tracksuit Mafia


Hawkeye has finally introduced its first two episodes to the masses via Disney+, treating fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to one of the most faithful comic adaptations the franchise has seen. Based heavily on the classic Hawkeye run by Matt Fraction and David Aja, the series is quick to introduce the Tracksuit Mafia, one of the primary antagonists of the comic run. As you might suspect, not only are fans tickled the live-action show seems to be adapting the comic series pretty heavily, but they’re praising Marvel for an accurate presentation of one of the publisher’s most outlandish groups.

As it turns out, there was even a time when Fraction himself was supposed to suit up as a member of the street gang.

“I was supposed to be a tracksuit. It was gonna fit, but between COVID, [this] was before shots were really happening and my immunocompromised mother lives with us and traveling was kind of a thing,” Fraction shared. “And we got a pandemic puppy. So between quite feeling cool to travel and a puppy, I didn’t get to be a tracksuit. So I was this close to being a tracksuit. Other than that consultant producer.”

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when i say i screamed when clint called the guys the tracksuit mafia and the guy who was over doing window stuff looked at me funny

— toast ? #hawkeye (@lemonboydeke) November 24, 2021


Long Live

I’m sorry but the flag smashers were annoying long live the tracksuit mafia Bro ???? #Hawkeye pic.twitter.com/3ULdV5iHyx

— ??????? (@mashael_f94) November 24, 2021


Pure Absurdity

This should be impossible to mess up, but I’m glad the show commits to the pure absurdity of the tracksuit mafia. They absolutely nailed it! #Hawkeye pic.twitter.com/ch09V5B1yh

— Jon ? (@blvze97) November 24, 2021


So Damn Funny

the tracksuit mafia were so damn funny i need more of them NOW #hawkeye pic.twitter.com/ClYXInxU8H

— airee ? (@IizzieoIzen) November 24, 2021


Nailed It

bro, they nailed the Tracksuit Mafia, bro pic.twitter.com/3fA0StQUNT

— jnry smells like thin spirit (@not_juansicat) November 24, 2021


Cannot Wait

finally got around to watching the first 2 episodes of Hawkeye and i really enjoyed them, it’s hilarious, the Tracksuit mafia are so funny i just kept laughing at them, and Hailee Steinfeld is fantastic as Kate Bishop

so far so good, cannot wait for the rest of the show 🙂

— Luke (@qLxke_) November 24, 2021



Tracksuit mafia has me howling #Hawkeye pic.twitter.com/f1SWM1KgKn

— NatureHoot??? (@Nature_Hoot) November 24, 2021


The first two episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+.


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